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Newbie: Worst flare in 11 years!

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  • Newbie: Worst flare in 11 years!


    I am having the worst flare since I was diagnosed 11 years ago. My bladder is on FIRE!!!! Sitting and bending over makes it worse.

    I am certain it’s due to stress. At Christmas there was a traumatic event that happened to my family and from that moment on, I have been sick with worry and beyond tense inside. I wasn’t sleeping and then I started having other symptoms of stress like headaches and tummy issues. Then the incredible burning started. I started taking the Ditropan XL that my urologist prescribed for the flares, but after 5 days the burning was still killing me. I also seemed to be having a lot of pain and cramping on the left side of my lower abdomen. I went to my GP. UTI test came back negative. He said I was having an IBS flare up (never had one before). He prescribed Cipro. BUT, he told me to stop taking the Ditropan because it was probably exacerbating the IBS. He said because Ditropan is an anti-spasmodic that it isn’t allowing my intestines to work properly. He also said to take Advil for the pain, but Advil doesn’t make a dent in the pain…at least not for me when it’s gotten to this point.

    I’ve been on the Cipro 3.5 days. The intestinal pain and cramping has lessened, but my bladder is still on fire, sometimes radiating down the front of my legs. I just want to cry, but I know if I freak out too much about the pain it will only make it worse. Sigh….

    I’m supposed to go back to my GP tomorrow for a follow-up. I'm concerned he's not going to understand how bad the pain is and think I have some other issue that requires tests (been down that road several times). I have to resume taking my Ditropan or be prescribed something else because I cannot live with this burning. I need to take something so I eventually feel relief. What stresses me out even more is that I need to find a new urologist because I’ve recently moved. I probably can’t get an appointment for at least a month. What’s a girl to do???

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    You might try taking either some baking soda in water or three or four Tums --- I do the Tums since I have to watch my sodium intake.

    Another thing that might help the burning is over the counter pyridium --- the brand name is AZO.

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      Donna gave good advice, If you have to go outside of your area to see another uro much sooner. Hope you feel better soon.
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        If he truely thinks this is irritable bowel syndrome, which it easily could be as well, you might want to ask if you can try liberax, someone on this site put me on to it. It helps with the pain, pressure and spasams in the bowel, therefor it helps with the bladder too, for me if my bowel is acting up my bladder follows suit.

        I only use this occasionally when things get bad, but there are other meds out there that can help with these sorts of issues, you just need to talk to your gp about them to help make you more comfortable.

        Just have a frank discussion as to how you are, write down all your symptoms prior to going so you don't miss something.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          Thank you all for the kind words and suggestions.

          I will head to CVS to buy the AZO product....convenient that I received a coupon for it when I bought the UTI test strips. I think I tried it once before I was diagnosed.

          I will be sure to tell my GP everything, including details of the traumatic event so he understands that this isn't the kind of stress that happens to a person every day nor will it be subsiding any time soon. I looked up the Librax. Sounds like something that could help. Hopefully whatever happens and is prescribed by the GP makes me feel more comfortable and can tie me over until I can get in to see a new urologist.

          The last 11 years I've been fortunate that I have caught any flares before they became debilitating. This time I was not so lucky.


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            Hi! Im so sorry about your flareup and hope you feel better soon! I too around Christmas went into a flareup and am currently still having one myself. A friend of mine who has IC as well has told me she is taking Calcium Citrate(Citrical) and is has been helping her some as well as probiotics. I went to my Urologist the other day and he said there is something in this product that helps with IC. Its just a suggestion to you, but you may want to research this. Also, I have stopped drinking bottled water that has enhanced minerals in it. I found out that it can cause major flareups too and that is all I have been drinking! I hope this helps and you feel better soon Maria


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              A couple of words of caution, I can't take probiotics and I have read this from other's too, but somepeople have found ones they can take, but I don't know which ones, you could search old posts, or ask the question which ones on the forum.

              I use AZO I can't take rx strength, it causes me retention, and nausea, but I have found OTC AZO is a lower does and I can take it, if my stomach is upset at all I take gravol (antineasea) beforehand. The pk says you can take 2 at a time, because it bothers me I ussally take 1 at a time and just take it more often.

              Good luck just keep in mind we all react differently to meds, you just need to find a balance for you. They also warn not to take AZO for too many days at a time, I am not sure how many, but Dr. differ on this opinion.

              Recently in Canada it has been taken off market and was never available OTC.

              Having said that I still AZO from the US when I need it, it does seem to helpyour bladder feel better.

              Keep us postedmaybe we will come up with some other ideas to help you.

              My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                Hello everyone...

                I have been wanting to post an update since I saw my GP, but the pain kept me off the computer and I had to use whatever energy I could muster up for a huge meeting with a potential client yesterday.

                My GP was very kind and empathetic. He initially suggested I take a med called Donnatol...I think that is the right name. It is for IBS and would also help my bladder. Then he decided it would probably be better to go back to what I know...Ditropan XL and Xanax. That way if the Ditropan causes my IBS to flare again, then we know what it is and what to do. Then that could be when he will want me to try the Donnatol.

                I have been taking probiotics, but only because I was taking antibiotics. I haven't had a problem with them and might give them a try as a daily supplement.

                I started to feel some relief yesterday, but as luck would have it, I received more bad news late last night and didn't go to bed until 2am. This morning I'm burning more than yesterday and do not look forward to what it will feel like as the day goes on. Sitting and stress are my two worst enemies!


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                  When is the burning going to stop????

                  I was doing so well on Saturday. I didn't have to take a Xanax and was able to sit in front of the computer to catch up on work. Sunday I was doing ok, too. Yesterday was bad and today the burning is awful. I'm starting to go to that ugly place thinking that I'll never get relief! It doesn't help that I'm PMSing.