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Know what I miss most???

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  • Know what I miss most???

    So, I got up at 5 am to pee and while I was sitting there I was thinking that the thing I miss the most since having IC is RELIEF. You know before IC when you have to pee really badly and then when you go it feels so good and you get great RELIEF!? That is what I miss - that feeling of RELIEF! It just always feels like I have to go and when I pee it feels even worse.

    Anyway...just a thought I had this morning. Anyone else know what I mean?
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    Absolutely! I keep a crossword book in my bathroom and site there and work a puzzle for a few minutes and just relax. It really seems to help.

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      I know exactly what you mean! Those were the good ol' days!


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        What I miss most

        I also know exactly what you mean.
        I have magazines in the bathroom and will sit and read an article and relax so my bladder can empty more.


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          I feel the same way you all do. Before IC came along I never realized how good I had it when peeing was just a simple act and it invloved no pain. Oh, how I long for those days. Nowadays even whenever I am relatively pain free I still have to deal with frequency and urgency. Since I am currently 5 months pregnant that has even become a bigger nuisance. As my sweet litttle angel grows inside of me I suppose that will even become a bigger problem.
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            Yes know what you mean but, I also miss coffee.
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              Oh yes, Bob spends so much time in the bathroom and always has reading material. I said if we could put a TV, refrig and phone in there he could just live there. Jill, wife of Bob


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                I truly understand. Usually, I sit, relax, and pray. It never fails as soon as I get up, BAM, I feel as if I have to go again. Gotta love IC


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                  I miss being able to have a nice drink at the end of a long day! Oh, and a coffee to wake me up!



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                    Originally posted by momw/ic
                    That is what I miss - that feeling of RELIEF!
                    It's been so long that I'm not sure I remember what that felt like!
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                      I think the worst part of this disease is that you're in so much discomfort and for some a lot of pain and on top of it you have to give up the little pleasures in life that get us through hard times. I'm sure most of us would be able to deal a lot better with all of this if we could go out and have a few drinks and a lovely meal with family and friends or a good strong coffee when we've been up all night. It's ridiculous how isolating this disease is. I really think it's worse than a lot of things out there. Yeah, you don't die, but your quality of life is horrible. I'm doing okay now but I feel so deprived!



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                        I completely understand what you feel. I have had this disease/condition for 3.5 years and I recently realized that I do not remember what normal feels like. Even though I am able to keep the pain mostly under control, its never completely gone and then I have to deal with the side effects of my medication. Since starting Lyrica I have gained over 20 lbs, which to be mostly pain free is worth it but still. Then having to keep to this diet all the time can just sometimes be soooooooo frustrating, I miss Strawberries soooooooooooooo much they have been my favorite food since I can remember.

                        In addition the fatigue that the Lyrica causes, and lastly what you already brought up which is I never fully feel relief after using the bathroom. It's funny everytime I come on this site, someone has already expressed exactly what I have been thinking/going through. Even though it sucks for all of us, it is sometimes nice to see that other people have been where you are or understand what you are going through.


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                          totally agree!!! I hate when I go into public bathrooms & hear the ladies around me peeing their brains out like they turned on a faucet & all I do is little drip dops. i would LOVE to be able to hold that much pee & just feel that AHHHHHHHHH moment.
                          I miss it too.
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