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OUCH! Big-Time Flare/ 5 months pregnant

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  • OUCH! Big-Time Flare/ 5 months pregnant

    I've been in this flare now for 6 days. I tested neg last week for a uti. I had been in a state of semi-remission (pain wise) for the better part of the past two months. Since I'm 5 months pregnant I really haven't had a break in frequency department at all. As my sweet little angel continues to grow inside of me the constant need to pee is really getting ridiculous. I can only imagine what it's going to be like in that 9th month. I may be wearing depends by then just for conveinece. I sure wish I had a normal bladder. Overall my pregnancy is going well but my fickle IC bladder sure complicates things.
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    Hi Bekah, I've been wondering about you. It's been a while since you posted. I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is goin well. I'm sorry your bladder is giving youy fits. Mine is too. I have also had a decent remission fom pain lately. The Friday evening out of nowhere amajor flare stuck me and I've gone back into the old "dribble and burn'' routine peeing every 20-30 minutes. I hope we both get to feeling better quickly. Good luck with the pregnancy.

    Hang In There

    Let's keep praying for a cure.
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