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Pubic Bone and Muscle Tenderness/Pain???!!!

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  • Pubic Bone and Muscle Tenderness/Pain???!!!

    What's this all about? Yesterday I had the heating pad on and decided to massage my lower abdomen. I discovered my pubic bone and muscles surrounding the area are sooooo tender to the touch. It's painful! Has anyone else had this issue? Is this what's causing the burning I can't seem to get rid of? This flare is going on and least 4 weeks!

    I used my lavendar aromatherapy today. I think I'll try soaking in the tub. Any other suggestions?

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    I had something simular to this after birth of a child, I was really sore there for well over a month. I didn't know I had IC then, but I am sure I did.

    I finally went to the Dr. who recommended ultrasound on my pubic bone,I was skeptical but desperate, with small children you always have someone on your lap.

    I think I had 6 treatments, one a week for 6 weeks and it went completely away.

    Now my case could have been from delivery, but could have been from IC, I thinkh they both come down to muscle strain.

    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      pubic bone and muscle tenderness /pain

      For the past two weeks or so I have had a lot of pain in the bladder and it would go down the front part of my right leg. I never associated it to being part of IC. Today I went to the doctor and he did a urine test and said something about white cells in the urine and was givine me a antibiotic just in case. He gave me Macrobid,(I am alergic to a lot of differnet kinds of meds)sure hope this is not one. I am going to call my pain doctor tomorrow and see if I can get stronger or take more of the pain pills I have. I don't like to do it on my own for fear I mix too many drugs. Thanks to all the folks that post on this board, it seems like there is always something you don't really know and that other people are having the same symptoms.
      God Bless Us All.