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  • Totally freaking out!

    can't get in to see a new urogyno for 2 months. the burning pain continues so i went to my gp again. instead of prescribing the med he suggested i take if my usual meds didn't work, he now wants me to immediately have an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound tomorrow so that he can review the findings later tomorrow when i come back to see him. i feel so rushed, and panic is setting in. it reminds me of before i was diagnosed with ic and i was poked all over before i was sent to a uro. i hate the waiting and the unknown and starting the whole process over again. this is not helping to decrease my stress levels.

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    I think it's good that you will be having the ultrasound --- they aren't bad at all and can help with diagnosis.

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      Good News...radiologist said everything looks good. yay!!! it's a relief, but i'm not all that surprised because i'm certain most of my pain has to do with stress and tight pelvic muscles. now i don't know what my gp will want to do. will he prescribe the new med he had in mind pre ultrasounds? will he want to do more tests? sigh... i'm thinking that if he wants to order more tests, i should wait until i see a specialist. thoughts?