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Horrible IC Flare -- It's All I Can Do To Not Cry

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  • ICNDonna
    I noted that you mentioned straining --- and that will make the discomfort worse. You might try placing a very warm damp washcloth between your legs with a towel over it to keep clothing, etc., dry. Sometimes that will help with the frequency and allow you to go to sleep.


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  • VickiB
    Have you talked with your doctor about this? Perhaps they could offer something besides or in addition to the rescue treatment?

    I also don't have any health issues with sodium and find the baking soda in water to be helpful. (I use 1/2 teaspoon to a glass and repeat twice) Also there are over the counter meds available like Uristat or Azo Standard that provide relief of urinary pain, burning, urgency, and frequency. I don't know whether they're good to use long term, but I resort to them when I just can't take the symptoms any longer.

    I hope things get better for you!

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  • JeanAnn56
    I feel for you

    I have been having problems for 5 months now. I have been trying soooo many things. Some of them work for a time. I really thing its becasue of stress. I also think my body has toxins and I am ridding myself of toxins and they are being dumped into the bladder.

    I have got so desperate I just took baking soda and water. We will see what happens. I have been reading other posts. To take 1/4 teaspoon with 8 oz of water 4 times per day. I am desparate will try anything. I think if you have high blood pressure not to do it. I have low blood pressure so I am ok.

    I hope you feel better. This pain is such a bummer. I feel like having my bladder just removed!!!! Not yet though. I keep hanging in in hopes to heal..

    love jean ann
    God bless you dear

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  • CBZ1982
    started a topic Horrible IC Flare -- It's All I Can Do To Not Cry

    Horrible IC Flare -- It's All I Can Do To Not Cry

    For several months now I have been in an IC flare. When I am in a flare I go to the bathroom to pee probably at least 20 times after I lay down at night. When I go to bed I go back and forth over a dozen times before sleeping even if it is only a few drops. Sometimes I have to strain. The back and forth make my vagina very sore.

    I have been under major stress since the beginning of December worrying about if my insurance is going to approve me for weight loss surgery. I know they will I got all the evaluations done, and my insurance only pay for people who have comorbidities from obesity. Which I have, it's just the waiting is very stressful. I probably won't have an answer until next week some time. Even though I know they will approve me I still worry about it.

    Back in December I had a rescue treatment and it worked great then two days after that treatment I had another one done and it did not do anything. I seriously doubt another rescue treatment will help me but I am going to try and schedule one for Monday.

    Is there anything I can do in the mean time I can do to reduce the urgency of having to pee? I also take prelief with every meal even though I don't think it helps. I have also tried all of December and January following the IC diet and that did not help me at all.
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