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Want to vent, feeling defeated today.

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  • Want to vent, feeling defeated today.

    Hi all,

    In a bit of a flare. I think It may be from my antibiotics, on amoxycillin (on my last dose tomorrow thankfully) from a chronic ear infection I had. God that really exacerbated my woes. It may be interfering with my tegretol, not sure. It seems a very sensitive med. My IBS is playing up too, but that's diet related. Plus I had cramps so it's just a barrel of fun.

    Still unsure about this tegretol. I was on lyrica, it was the ONLY thing that truly helped. I felt normal and began to plan my life again. Then it quit working. After that I was quite gutted. Tegretol helps with the urge a bit. I used to have to go to the toilet as soon as I got up to do something. Feed my birds, have to go pee first, make a sandwich, have to pee first. I think it's nerve related, i've only been diagnosed with painful bladder, or having bladder neuralgia.

    Anyway I'll keep on with the tegretol for a bit after stopping the antibiotics, if nothing then I'll try another med similar to lyrica, as well, that seems to be the logical way to go. Process of elimination. Oh I have oestrogen cream to try, I asked about in another topic as well. I am fixing up my diet, for my bladder, IBS and my waistline most of all.

    I'm just disheartened today, tired of having an inflamed bladder and SO tired of lying down all the time. I want to work and get out there again. To be able to spend a day out with friends sounds like a dream. I have to keep some sort of hope that something will work again, long term! Just feeling trapped by my bladder.

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    I hope your tomorrow is a better day. Have you been checked to see if you might have PFD? If so, physical therapy could help tremendously.

    Sending warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      No I haven't had that checked. It's something I've wondered about. Though I had a appointment to see a physio but cancelled it months ago. I guess at the very least, looking up some pelvic floor exercises couldn't hurt. Still touchy so far today. Crampy as well, must be mid cycle. I might feel better tomorrow, don't know. I just want more full, good days which i'm just not getting.

      edit: actually after reading some of the threads on these topics here, well I'll list my symptoms and see if anyone has some insight as to what could be the root of my problem. I've still not been diagnosed with IC due to lack of ulceration, though I know there are cases of IC where sufferers have normal looking bladders.

      -BURNING! Oh god, horrible white hot, stinging burning.I can feel it on the back of my bladder, as well the front hasn't been rubbed against whilst being intimate. Usually worse after voiding, It comes on it's own though and fluctuates throughout the day. I lie down to help alleviate it.

      -Frequency is only an issue once I'm flaring or I've drunk too much water. I can go a few hours without going to the toilet and I CAN sleep through the night without getting up. If I do, it's no more than once.
      No retention issues. Only time I've had that, was from certain meds I've been on causing it. Bladder according to uro holds normal capacity and looks normal.

      Diet generally doesn't bother me, apart from soft drink (soda). I avoid anything overly acidic as well just to be safe. I am changing my diet to help my IBS and my waistline. Plus I can't seem to tolerate any fatty foods lately. Just gives me the trots.

      Sex does make my pain worse. It's the reason I'm at my worst right now. My ex just didn't seem to get it, sex hurts. I'd explain it, but he'd just get sulky if he went more than a few days. Animal. Currently stressed due to this relationship being psychologically abusive too. Getting counseling for it.

      -IBS. I had this diagnosed in emergency. I went there once due to horrible pain in my abdomen. Usually I get spasms shooting up from my sphincter through my abdomen. When these are bad, going to the toilet and taking ibuprofen stop it. I usually need the pain killers. It's a very sharp shooting bad pain. I have a sensitive tummy that's not happy at the moment, probably made worse due to diet change (going from a very poor diet to a healthier one, whole grains, veges, fruit) but I'm usually susceptible, even when I was fit, to bouts of diarrhoea. Especially when stressed. Currently a bit constipated actually. I seem to have cycles of this.

      Other main problem I have is ovulation cysts. Cramps have gotten worse with age (28 now) and yeh burning is worse when I'm ovulating or menstruating. I'm sure the cramping doesn't go down well with my bladder or bowels and makes them grumpy too.

      If this sounds like what anyone has or sparks some thought, please let me know. I've had bladder problems since I was 13, when I was 19 it got worse.

      I'm also seeing my gp about something else, but I'll mention it to him as well, i've not touched much on the IBS with him yet. Could spark new ideas.
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        Woke up this morning with very bad cramps. Reminded that yeh, I get ovulation cysts, that's whats been setting off both my bladder and IBS. All those damn hormones, cramping my style. It's a bad one this month. Though I just had my second period off birth control, things might need time to settle. Going to try that ovestin cream. I'm desperate for anything to kill the pain. It might help with all my problems, who knows. Still anyone has any idea's based on my symptoms, please let me know.


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          Hang In There, Girl

          Let's keep praying for a cure.
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