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Really Bad Flare - I gotta vent

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  • Really Bad Flare - I gotta vent

    I've been in a most ridiculous flare for the past 2 weeks. The burning is non-stop. It all started 2 weeks ago today (Feb 1) That was day the ice storm hit here in North Texas. I had the misfortune of slipping on the ice that was on my front porch steps and re-broke my ankle that I frist injured last Jan in a car wreck. The car wreck did the most damage ( broken left ankle and fibula). I also rebroke the ankle again last April ( hiding easter eggs) and this past October I was dx'd with a stress in same ankle. The stess fracture was caused by my wobbly MS gait. So now I'm back wearing a wakling boot and using crutches to get around the house. My bladder problem is complicated due to my MS which has left me with a major bladder control problem. Today my MS symptoms are at a level 10 also. I got tingling in my hands and feel really run down. I hurt all over. I hate to be so negative but my health problems have are holding hostage in my own house. It's a beautiful day here in Texas and I am not able to get out and enjoy it. Instead I am stuck here inside my wearing a boot on my leg, my bladder hurts so bad I could scream, I'm peeing constantly and setting a record for Depend changes and MS has me huting everywhere else. I am so depressed. Life hardly seems worth living somtimes. I need you prayers and support to get through this.

    Dx'd with IC May3,2010
    Dx'd with MS in 2002 and declared Disabled due to it in 2006.
    Severely Incontinent Due to MS and IC Flares make it even worse.

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    HUGS to you!!! I am so sorry that you are going thru this. Please know that any phsyical trauma you suffer (like breaking the ankle) can easily trigger a flareup in IC. Not to mention the stress over the weather & ice or even weather changes.
    Dont give up hope, ok? We are all here for you & care...I am saying a prayer for you now...God Bless...
    Currently Taking:
    20 mg Celexa
    fentanyl patch 12.5 mcg chgd every 3 days
    morphine IR 15 MG, up to 3x daily
    Xanax 1mg as needed (not taken daily)
    900 MG Oxycarbizine (mood disorder)
    300 MG Welbutrin
    Tizanidine 4 mg up to 20 mg daily as need
    Prevacid 30 mg
    Ambien as needed

    my heating pad is my best friend, use daily on my lower back & pelvic area
    blessed to be able to receive massage & Amma , along with Avazzia therapy 3x weekly

    Been diagnosed for 10 years now, consider myself pretty well versed in this disease & would love to help out with new IC sisters or brothers, feel free to message me.


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      I am praying now and I hope you find relief real soon. The fall you had might have made your bladder shake alot and with the stress cause you to go into a flare. hugs to you sister.
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        I am so sorry that you're having such rough time. I know all about ankle and leg injuries ( see my signature). My bladder gave me fits during all those times. I hope and pray you get to feeling better soon.

        Hang In There

        Let's keep praying for a cure.
        IC Symptoms began in early 2001
        Divorced : Sept 2002 (Partly due to IC)
        Diagnosed with IC in April 2004
        Most recent injury - Rupurtured Left Achilles Tendon
        Wed Jan 28 2009
        (Ice Storm Accident)
        2nd Achilles Tendon Surgery - May 28, 2009 after re-injury on May 17
        Other Injuries
        Broken Left Ankle - July 2004 ( fell off ladder)
        Broken Left Ankle (Again) - May 2005 (car accident)
        Sprained Left Ankle - November 2006 ( fell off my aunts porch on Thanksgiving Day)

        Elmiron, Pyridium


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          I'm so sorry you have so much to deal with. I hope you feel better soon.

          Sending warm healing wishes your way,
          Stay safe

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            Feelling Better

            My bladder is behaving much better. I want to thank all of you who replied. I know my post was kind of downer and I'm trying to be more positive but it's hard when so many things are going wrong at once. May God bless you all.

            Dx'd with IC May3,2010
            Dx'd with MS in 2002 and declared Disabled due to it in 2006.
            Severely Incontinent Due to MS and IC Flares make it even worse.


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              pain and venting

              You don't ever have to apologize for venting on this forum. That's what it's here for.
              I'm glad your bladder is feeling better today and hope your ankle continues to improve. Has anyone ever given you ankle strengthening exercises? I sprained both of my ankles(very severe sprains) and the thing that helped the most to keep it from happening again, were those exercises.
              Take care of yourself, and maybe try to get out even if you just sit in the sun for a bit.


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                Hey Theresa, what a bummer! Bad enough with the MS gait and now...Maybe try to sit in a sunny window as much as possible with a good book, snooze, heal yourself. These are the times you are thankful you do not live alone. Hope you feel better real soon, I do not have MS but am the biggest klutz in the world, I fall at least once a year and hurt something, so I feel for you. Take advantage of your "down" time and do what makes you feel better, maybe catch up on those little projects where you can sit on your butt and finish them up. Or do nothing at all. Take care. Jill, wife of Bob


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                  Bad Day Today

                  I gotta vent someThe burning has come back full force. I am in a rediculous ammount of pain. My husband is out of town with my brother. There living it up In Florida at the Daytona 500 this weeeknd. My sister-in-law is here helping me out but I'm afraid I'm boring her talking about my problems. We stayed up late last night, kinda had little slumber party I had a couple Margaritas and I woke up this morning with a very angry bladder. IC is ruining my life. My body is falling apart. Developing MS was bad enough by itself and now IC flares along with a bad ankle I really don't know much I can take. Sorry for the pity party but y'all understand what I'm going thru more than my family and friends. Thanks for listening.

                  Dx'd with IC May3,2010
                  Dx'd with MS in 2002 and declared Disabled due to it in 2006.
                  Severely Incontinent Due to MS and IC Flares make it even worse.