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doctor prescribed prosed for bladder spasms

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  • sailawaygrl
    Prosed helps to relax the muscles in your bladder and stop the spasms, it is typically an overactive bladder medication and does help a lot of IC patients. Be sure to watch out for retention, those meds can cause that, so if you get to the point where you can't pee, stop taking it and call your Dr. It is one on those that turn urine blue, and everything else so be careful.

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  • vonvon
    started a topic doctor prescribed prosed for bladder spasms

    doctor prescribed prosed for bladder spasms

    I'm new to the site. Have been in remission formany months but suspect I am having a flare with bladder spasms. Dr. prescribed prosed. I would like to know how others have fared on it and what exactly it helps. Any advice is appreciated. I can still go to work but it is especially uncomfortable when I wake up first thing. Thanks.: