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I Flare Every Year Around This Time??

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  • I Flare Every Year Around This Time??

    Every year in the spring, I have a 3 to 6 week flare. My uro told me once that he sees alot of patients w/ ic around the allergy seasons. It's kinda early in the season but somethings going on. I've been in the flare going on 3weeks with no relief. Once mine starts, it doesn't stop. It's almost like a skin takes forever to heal. Oh gosh how it wears me down. Oh, please go away! Does anyone else have seasonal flares? I do have them other times too but not as severe and long term.
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    Hey, I am in NC too and I think maybe with the crazy weather we are having that allergies might be acting up now. We have been fighting allergies/colds or something all winter. Do you take an antihistamine for your IC? If so, maybe you can increase your dose for a while, it might be worth asking your Dr if you can. I have problems with allergy flares too, I hurt all the time, I just get worse around allergy season. I'm sorry you are hurting, I hope you find some relief soon.
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      Hi Sandra! Nice to meet you.

      I used to take Zyrtec but nothing now. My bladder is highly sensitive to meds and some of the ingredients in them. I thought I might try Claritin and see. I need to get back on sublingual allergy drops or shots too. what are your best pain remedies? Janet
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        I am in Ohio but I too get long term bad flares around allergy season and have been in having bad intermittent flares for the past three weeks. Its a little early, usually I start around end of feb or march but the weather here has been changing so frequently (ice storm to sunny but freezing to t-shirt/flip-flop 60s to freezing rain) my bladder seems to be reacting to it. Its really starting to ware me down as well.

        I take an antihistimine for my IC in particular (Vistril) as well as a zrytec in the morning but neither seem to be really helping right now Or if they are I would be much worse off I guess.

        Hope you feel better soon!


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          I'm not imagining things! It's so nice to have others with the same specific issues to talk with and to know your're not alone! Today the flare is even worse. I pray this will turn around soon...very,very soon.
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            I have had two major flares (2 months) from late October until mid December for the last 2 years. They kick in right before Halloween, even when I'm careful with diet and manage stress. I live in the Ohio Valley.


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              It could very well be allergies. i don't seem to have a particular problem with them but I know many on here have mentioned allergies as a flare trigger.
              I hope you start feeling better soon.

              Hang In There

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                I flare every spring and fall

                I DO NOT HAVE ALLERGIES> I HAVE BEEN TESTED NUMEROUS TIMES. I do have a list of autoimmune diseases: Crohn's, Sjogren's, possibly lupus, and i.c. and CFS. I historically have had a Crohn's or g.i. flare every spring and fall. Everyone who knows me knows this, not just my docs. I am having a vaginal flare that used to go with i.c. now after fifteen yrs of remission. It is early for me for a spring flare but who knows.


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                  But it could be "sensitivities" instead of allergies. I'm not allergic to oatmeal formally but when I eat it, it gives me horrible spasms every single time. I was having a talk today with one of the biggest IC researchers in the world and this is EXACTLY what we were talking about... that we appear to have a nervous system which becomes exquisitely sensitive to different things... and our challenge is to discover those sensitivities and then respect and avoid them. So, I do NOT eat oatmeal cause it just kills me! Think about molds... since all the wetness of winter could promote mold growth. How about different foods that you might only eat during these months. It's a conundrum and takes a lot of work to figure out.
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                    Sometimes just the changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature, and moisture that go with season changes can be an irritant. Some people respond with mood changes. I know I feel better in spring and summer.

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                      YES ME! Every single year by March or early April at the latest and I am in a flare until late June usually. This is when my hayfever is the worst too. I already take Singulair, Claritin and Zyrtec year round. I've tried AtaraxVistaril and it irritates my bladder more. I had another hydrodistention last year and this time made sure to get a biopsy. I thought for sure my bladder would show mast cells which would indicate a definite allergy but NOPE. No mast cells. I don't know how accurate the mast cell biopsies are though. All i know is I've flared majorly in spring of 2000 and then went into remission until '07 and I've flared every spring since then like clockwork. It literally comes on overnight too.

                      Jill that is interesting that you've been told it's a sensitivity. I do my best to avoid everything but it is impossible to avoid spring. I already stay indoors and keep the windows shut these months even though it's totally depressing not to be outdoors in the beautiful weather! My theory is I am definitely sensitive and/or allergic to a lot of things and allergy season is just the tipping point for my body.
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                        Seasonal flares

                        Jill, I am very sensitive to many meds, but because I have a history of Crohn's, really know what I can and can't eat. My guess is it's the autoimmune factor with me.

                        I know some people with MS and lupus flare. I have Crohn's and Sjogren's. And this started before the i.c. It seems to be the CHANGE of seasons, not the season itself. I do best in summer and winter.

                        Some people with Crohn's have seasonal flares and move to Fla., not realizing that there are still seasons there. They don't do any better.

                        I have a friend with MS who was doing great and one Jan decided to take her kids to Disney. Within a half hour of getting of in the heat she needed a wheelchair.


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                          allergies and IC

                          This is an old thread, but in case anybody is looking, I have had allergies most of my life. This is the first allergy season in 60 years where I have not had allergy symptoms. Instead, or so it seems, I have a had major flare, the first in 15 years. It appears that it is more than likley that my Ic is ties to my allegies.


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                            What are you allergic to and what are your usual symptoms? Have you tried your allergy meds to see if they help your flare. First in fifteen yrs is rather shocking, and I would think upsetting.