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On the IC diet when will flare go away?

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  • On the IC diet when will flare go away?

    When I first diagnosed with IC cystitis I started the IC diet and after a month I noticed that the flare I was in went away. Then I started eating all the foods I shouldn't be eating and for like 6 months off and on eating like this.

    At this point my symptoms were bad, I was urinating 5-6 times an hour every hour, and some was leaking out all day too.

    Here I am now faithfully doing the IC diet and I am having a bad flare-up.

    How long after eating this diet, will I see these symptoms go away?

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    I have a feeling we all might be somewhat different on this. It was many years ago but if I remember right, for me, I started to see a difference in about a week & a half. Then it continued to get better from that point on.

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