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  • Flaring Again

    After about 2 weeks of being pain free. BOOM! out of nowhere I start flaring this afternoon. At first it was just pressure and frequency. Over the last 3 hours the burning has increased each time I pee. The last time (about 15 min ago) was excruciating. I haven't ate or drank anything that would trigger a flare. Nor have I had sex with my boyfriend since last Saturday night. I really hate these flares that come out of nowhere like this. I probably will go the uro's office in the morning if things don't improve. I don't really think this is a uti. I usually get cloudy, foul smelling urine with uti's. My urine has been really clear all evening and I haven't noticed any strong odor either. I've got to cut this post short as it's time to go again. I HATE MY IC RAVAGED BLADDER!

    Let's keep praying for a cure.
    IC Symptoms began in early 2001
    Divorced : Sept 2002 (Partly due to IC)
    Diagnosed with IC in April 2004
    Most recent injury - Rupurtured Left Achilles Tendon
    Wed Jan 28 2009
    (Ice Storm Accident)
    2nd Achilles Tendon Surgery - May 28, 2009 after re-injury on May 17
    Other Injuries
    Broken Left Ankle - July 2004 ( fell off ladder)
    Broken Left Ankle (Again) - May 2005 (car accident)
    Sprained Left Ankle - November 2006 ( fell off my aunts porch on Thanksgiving Day)

    Elmiron, Pyridium

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    Oh man, two weeks off isn't much of a break!

    It makes me cringe to read about the burning. What a cruel thing this IC is.

    I hope it disappears as quickly as it came on.
    "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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      Only an IC patient will be happy if it's an infection. I hope you feel better quickly.

      Stay safe

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