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In a flare and leaving town....

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  • In a flare and leaving town....

    I have been home with an infection coupled with a flare for a couple of weeks now. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. Our family is preparing to pack up and head to Whistler, Canada (one of my favorite places) for my brothers destination wedding. I am so excited about his wedding, his marriage and his new bride. But I have felt so horrible and the thought of putting real clothes on panics me. I have been able to stay in my pjs and comfy yoga pants because I have not had any commitments...actually I have but have postponed or canceled. I also have vestubulitis vulvodynia and it is killing me!! That is as bad as my IC right now.

    I have added Zyrtec and Prelief to my daily regiment. I also take Versicare and for now I am not taking Elmiron but a natural supplement called Vitalzym. My doctor agreed to let me see if this helped more than Elmiron. I have lidocaine cream for the VV.

    I am worried that I am not going to feel better by the time we leave! When we were in Telluride this past summer I spent most of our three weeks there in the house in a flare then an infection caused by the hot tub.

    I have three children ages 12, 10, 8 who are very active and they have been amazing the past few weeks. My husband is super helpful and has been supportive and understanding. He was recently diagnosed with Lyme so understands not feeling well. His friends call him the "mountain man" because he is fearless and loves to hike and be on great adventures. SO it is hard because I dont want to always be left behind. I want the adventure too!! you have any thoughts or wisdom on traveling?? Thank you for listening.


    Any wisdom on traveling??

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    I do have some suggestions. Dress comfortably for travel --- light weight sweat pants can be very attractive and still comfortable. You might want to ask your doctor for pain medications to have in case you need some on the trip. You might want to take some soft toilet tissue with you in your carry-on. The tissue on airlines can be like sandpaper! And absolutely stick with the IC diet.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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