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I am so miserable!!!!!

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  • I am so miserable!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I am not sure what to post this but I am absolutely miserable right now I made a posting regarding my recent surgery and hospital stay but I am not getting better The pain is incredible and seems to be increasing instead of going away. It burns, spasms, and then sharp stabbing pains that feel like I have a catheter inside me (which I don't). Going to the bathroom definitely makes it worse but even just drinking water makes everything burn and hurt too. I do not want to drink anymore but I know I have to. They put me on pyridium, vesicare, and I was on percocets but now I am down to the pyridium and vesicare and norco which are not helping. I figured that since my procedure was a week ago I should be doing a little better, at least I am not bleeding but the pain is very intense. Even when I walk around it hurts deep inside which I think that is probably where they cauterized the bleeding areas of my bladder. On top of the physical pain I feel like an emotional mess and am very depressed. I tried to reach out to my friends/family but they do not understand and it just gets more frustrating. I did call and leave a message with doc's nurse to see if all this is normal and if there is anything I could do to help. I am also being very careful not to eat any trigger foods or drink anything but water, I tried the heating pad on my abdomen and also hot baths but that did not help either. I am just so upset right now because I am scared and I don't want to end back up in the hospital Thank you for listening, its nice to feel not so alone.

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    I think it would be a good idea to be checked to be certain you don't have an infection going on even if you were checked two or three days ago. I hope you feel better soon.

    Stay safe

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      Did you have a hydro done? I know when I last had mine, they did some cauterizing of my Hunners ulcers & I was in pain for at least a week. You sound like you are doing everything right, I am glad you have a call in to the doc office to be safe.
      Why not try to sit down, feet up, & put a ice bag right in the pelvic/groin helps ALOT, in fact I am using one now as I sit at the computer for my burning!!! FEEL GOOD!
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        Talked to the nurse

        Well, I talked to the nurse and of course they said I should not be in pain and that I should just go to the ER. They said that the pyridium should have worked even though to me it did not. floridamom, I had a distention and biopsy done on 2/22 and had complications which resulted in a week long hospital stay and they had to cauterize the areas that were biopsied because I was bleeding nonstop. I did a posting about it in the distention forum because I was very upset and it was a bad experience. donna, I have been on antibiotics since the surgery last Wed. I am very down right now I guess we will see what the doctor says on Monday. I think the worst pain might be coming from the cauterized areas because its a deep pain and it hurts even walking across the room. Thanks for listening, I will let you all know what happens.