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Meds not working may even be making matters worse

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  • Meds not working may even be making matters worse

    I don't have alot of time so this will be short a sweet. I just recently had a cystoscopy with hydrodistention and a laparoscopy (2/22/11). Laparoscopy showed endometrios and cystoscopy was done to help me find some relief from the pain I have been going through. After all that I was given Elmiron and Lupron Depot with add back theropy. My pain is worse and now I am gaining weight. These new treatments seem to be working great (yes that is sarcasm)! Any thoughts? Do I just need to give it more time or could they be the cause of my increase in pain?

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    has your uro reccomended rescue treatments or other cocktail instills?
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      The instills cause me increased pain. I have pain meds and sometimes a ice bottle helps. Currently the pain meds aren't even helping much. Other than the diet no other rescue treatments have been recommended. Do you know of some?


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        sometimes its finding the right mixture cocktail, there is also tens you can consider.
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          I don't know about lupron but I believe it's prescribed for endo. Elmiron can take six months or longer to become effective --- it shouldn't be making your bladder pain worsen. It does have some side effects.

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            Lupron essentially puts you into a medication menopause so that might be causing you to have some more troubles. A lot of people have increased symptoms during times of hormonal shifts like during their periods. My Dr wanted to put me on Lupron but I decided not to go ahead with it. You might want to try and do some research on IC and hormones to see what other's have said about those things.
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              It's very possible you are still healing/flaring from the cysto/hydro. It's very common to get an increase in symptoms for a while after that procedure. Plus you had the LAP at the same time! You may still be in recovery from all that trauma to your body. Hopefully a few more weeks and you will be back to your pre-op level of symptoms.