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Endometrial Biopsy Pain IC Flare

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  • Endometrial Biopsy Pain IC Flare

    I am in so much pain! I had what I thought was a consultation appointment on March 8 to discuss the results of my abnormal pap and to talk about a possible hysterectomy because of very heavy painful periods Well, when I got to the appt. the assistant says to change from the waist down. I said am I having a checkup? She replied , the Dr. ordered an ultrasound and wants to do a small procedure. I told her that I usually get Valium before I have any procedures done because of my severe IC. She said, Oh don't worry It doesn't hurt. She said It would just be a slight pinch and that was about it. So, I thought oh well, how bad can it be.

    I had the internal ultrasound first which was slightly uncomfortable, probably because I was at the last day of my cycle, and they're always a bit uncomfortable anyway. Then the Dr. said " I'm done with the ultrasound, I found a rather large cyst but nothing to worry about. He then said I'm going to start the procedure now. A couple of seconds later without any warning I experienced the WORST pain I've ever had in my life! I screamed OMG! PLEASE STOP! Two nurses came in a put a towel on my head, and offered me Motrin. I said NO I'm on pain management and will have my husband get me my pain meds!

    I'm writing the for a couple of reasons. One to let other woman who have IC to be aware of the terrilbe pain I experienced and the fact that I've had the worst IC flare I've ever had. I've been in a lvl. 7 pain ever since. It hurts when I urinate, my back is killing me, I've had a severe headache, cramping, etc.,

    I was made to feel like I was being a baby. They said they only had one other woman who had a reaction like me. I told them I've gone though natural childbirth 2 times, the first time with twins, 2 back surgeries, 1 neck surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, bladder surgery & procedures, and have neck & back spinal epidural injections with no medications at all. This by far was the WORST Pain I ever experienced!

    Has anyone else had and experience like mine?

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    I'm really sorry you had such a painful experience. I hope your pain calms down soon.

    Stay safe

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      I've had two endometrial biopsies. Both were prior to IC but they were definitely uncomfortable. The first time, I think the gyno didn't know what she was doing and it hurt a lot. Another gyno did the second one and it wasn't as bad. Personally, I think some doctors can do the test better than others.

      Hope you are feeling better soon.