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  • Entering a flare

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on exactly what to do to help a flare that you know is beginning. I haven't had a severe flare since November. I try hard to stick to the diet, but do occasionally drink a glass or two of alchohol once a week or two. However, I have been really good about that. I woke up a few days with severe back pain and now my bladder feels so stingy and there is that pressure I know too well. At least now when I know this happens I stop working out at the gym, and just walk, and I stay away from all possible foods/drinks that could exacerbate my condition. I wonder what part stress does play on IC. I ask this because I am about to take my national graduate exam in order to become a speech therapist tomorrow. It is a stressful time in my life..I am starting a new job in a few days, apartment hunting, plus graduation and passing all my boards. I want to de-stress but its hard w/ so much on my mind. I also hate that I can't figure out why my bladder is acting up now. A few weeks ago I had several glasses of wine (chardonnay) and was fine the next day, maybe a little pressure, but it went away. Now I've been so good and I'm starting to feel that aching, gnawing pain that I was so fearful of returning. Is it the change in weather? Is it because my period is coming in a week and half? I only get my period every 3 months now. Ugh, it's so difficult for me to study and I'm not sure how I am going to get through a 2 hr exam tomorrow. Any advice on how to curtail a flare before it gets worse?? I dont want to stay in my house - I want to live my life but it feels so hard when I'm entering a flare. I took hydrozxine last night plus oxybutin (ditropan) it does help me sleep but what can else can I do during the day? Any help would be appreciated!


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    flare starting

    Hi Whitney,
    It sounds like you're already doing one of the most important things for a flare, watching what you eat. Try to keep your food really bland, even more bland than usual, if that's possible.
    I do believe that stress plays a part in flares. I was just reading a couple of articles,(and yes, I know this sounds a bit off), about cats that have IC. The gist of the articles was that when the cats were exposed to stress of any kind, their IC syptoms got worse,(as in frequent urination and going all over the place, not just in their litter boxes), and when they were kept very calm, with lots of cat-type diversions, they're symptoms got better. This was a long study done by the Indoor Cat Initiatiave at the Ohio State University school of vet. medicine.
    Anyway, point being, if there is any way,(and I know you're at a stressful point in your life), that you can ease your stress, maybe meditating, resting as much as possible, listening to music, reading,whatever tends to be calming for you, that might help a lot.
    Maybe also try drinking lots of water and using a heating pad. BTW, a stick on heating pad might help during your long test.
    Wishing you the best of luck.
    Let us know how you do.