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  • R.I.P. Annie

    Well, Annie is my interstim. She is dead. After 5 years together she has died without any warning or signs that anything was wrong. I always knew she helped me tons with urgency/frequency but since she has quit working I am realizing just how much she helped me with my pain. My symptoms are all back like they were before I got Annie which is horrendous. The pain is unbearable and the urgency/frequency is incredible. I had forgotten what it was like to pee constantly.

    So, I am scheduled for surgery on June 22 to implant a new interstim. I am hoping it works just as well as Annie has for me. I admit I worry about making the change but at this point anything will be better than this. I've met with my pain doc and he is giving me meds to get me through until the surgery and is also taking care of my post-op pain meds. I'm so thankful for good meds right now. Even with them I can hardly walk. Has anyone had theirs replaced and can ease my mind that the new one will work too?
    Live life to the fullest day to day. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!

    DX: IC - November 2002 after hysterectomy
    Interstim implanted March 2006 - died May 2011
    Interstim replacement June 2011
    Meds: Pain meds, muscle relaxer, cystex, and marcaine bladder instills as needed.
    Docs: Pain management doc, urologist, family practice