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what do you think flare or infection

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  • what do you think flare or infection

    I have been on Ab's for a week from a UTI from the retention, I was feeling pretty good by Friday afternoon, I had started AB's the previous Sat.

    I saw my Dr. on the Friday afternoon for a mole removal from my lady bits, uncomfortable but not too bad, he had warned me it would be quite painful, but compared to the pain I live with it was nothing. I ended up quite swollen and bruised, ans stitches are a bit itchy.

    Anways by Friday night I didn't feel well and figured I was just over tired and went to bed early. I woke Sat am with a Temp, burning to pee, hard time to start to pee, ab pain and kidney pain. I had blood in my urine, and big pieces of tissue. I was the same on Sunday.

    My dilemma was, did my infection spread to my kidneys which does happen to me lots, or a flare from the poking, pulling, and cutting of my lady bits.

    Sunday eve my husband wanted to take his dad out for father's day dinner and to church so I thought I will get up and go maybe getting up and dressed I would feel better.

    Well to say the least I didn't feel any better worse infact, so I go my husband to bring me home before church.

    I have called my Dr. and asked him to call me, he is pretty good about reteurning calls in a timely mannor, so I am sure he will caall soon.

    I am to see him this comeing Thursday and I am to stay on the ab's till then 12 days, but now I am wondering if I need a different kind of AB or has this occured from my mole removal.

    The inssion looks fine I am sure it is not infected or anything like that.

    I feel a bit better today but still have a temp and most of the symptoms, maybe not quite as bad but I often feel a bit better in the morning, so I am not even sure if I am any better today.

    Any suggestions. I have decided if by some chance my Dr. doesn't call by later this afternoon I will go into the clinic before it closes.

    Thanks MG
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.

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    I spoke to my Dr. yesterday and he asked me to come in for blood work today and then wait for the results.

    He thinks I may have got the flu on top of the UTI, hence the blood work.

    I am not so sure it was a flu, I came very close to having to go to the ER last night, I was in a bad way with pressure and not being able to pee.

    I decided to try to wait the night, which I did, and I went some this am, so I am a bit better, but I can see I did not go enought to empty. I am recording in and outs.

    I went to y Dr. today I have had a uti, I got a lot sicker with it over the weekend.

    I spoke to my Dr, yesterday and he asked me to come in and have some blood work done today, he felt I had caught a stomach bug on top of the uti.

    I was yea that could be true but why is my retention getting so much worse? He said come in and we will do the blood/urine tests and see what they show.

    So I went in and had them, I had not been able to pee since about 2pm yesterday.

    The blood tests showed my sodium was low, probably from the flu, but he felt a intravenous would correct this and make me feel better.

    He then wanted to feel my belly, I was retaining so much I could barely stand to have him touch me, I was in full retention again.

    So off to the ER for me, first they couldn't get the IV line in, I don't have good veins, or so they say. Then some pain meds, and meds to help relax my bladder to see if I could go. After an hour and a half I finally said I wanted to be cathed. I also asked this time to drain as much as they could, they were quite surprised when they got 54 oz out. Not a surprise to me. After they decided no more was going to come out I said I would try to go pee before I left and since I am supposed to be recording my In's and outs for a week, I wanted a hat to pee in. I quite easily peed another 10 Oz's.

    So I don't think he knows what to do now, just wait till I get into a new uro, I guess.

    But not a fun day for me.

    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      Part of the retention "might" be from swelling from your procedure. I hope that's it. Many years ago, when I was first diagnosed, I had a problem with retention after a procedure --- I ended up in ER and they inserted a catheter --- but they didn't empty it all at once. Instead they drained some, then clamped the catheter for a while, then drained more, until I was empty.

      I hope you do better now.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Thanks Donna

        Usally this is the case for me if I get cathed I swell and then have increased retention problems for few days.

        Last time I was cathed and yesterday as suggested here I got them to use a peds cath on me and I had no problems with swelling afterwards.

        The only problem with the peds cath is some of the time while they were drianing my bladder I leaked urine around it, but at least the urine was comeing out.

        They drianed 1750 mls out and then figured I was empty becuase it had stopped draining, I knew I was not empty becuase when I am empty I spasam really bad, so right after I had the cath removed I peed to make sure I could go, but they also recorded this amount, they were surprised to see I still was able to pee 350mls after the cath had stopped.

        In plain english this means I had 65 ozs removed from my bladder, 75 a couple of weeks ago. This is a lot by any standards.

        I am waiting for dates to have a couple of bladder residual tests done and waiting to get into a new uro for a retention reassment.

        At this point it seems like every 3rd for what ever reason I retain for about 24 hours, but over the long haul I am retaining a bit more urine each day, then over a couple of weeks this gets to the point that my bladder is so full I can't go on my own again.

        It is not a nice cycle I am on.

        Thanks for the response MG
        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.