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  • Never endng flare

    I have been in a constant flare since Feb . A long time ICer and the days of having my pitty parties are becoming more frequent . I am not sure if the disease is getting worse or I am just getting older and finding it hard to cope . I think IC is winning right now and I am just so over myself I do not know what to do any longer . I do not have burning issues just pressure frequency and urgency . I feel as if i my bladder is a giant basketball I lug around all day . I do not know what the new normal is for me . Sorry to be a downer but I just cant get out of my own way tonight

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    I'm sorry you are in a long flare and that it is making you feel upset. I pray that you will feel comforted too. I understand the basketball feeling... I have that feel too.

    I find that if I take a b & o suppository that nasty feeling will go away somewhat. Its just a thought - I also find that if I try to stretch out the time between voids that can help too - sometimes the more I void, the worse that feeling gets. These are just some thoughts... I hope that is helpful for you.

    Praying for you,

    Current Meds:
    1 Elmiron 100mg 3x a day
    1 Cimetidine 300mg 2x a day
    4 Gabapentin 300mg 3x a day (3600mg)
    1 - 2 Atarax 25mg at bedtime
    1 baclofen 10mg 3x a day as needed
    200mg of Pyridium 3x a day (usually do in cycles - on for a week or two as needed) - I am very careful about this.
    2 belladonna and opium suppositories as needed for pain daily.
    Bladder instillations (Lidocaine, Heparin, & Sodium Bicarbonate)

    I have tried but failed -
    lidocaine instillations, heparin instillations, oxybutynin by mouth also called ditropan, tylenol 3s with coedine, cyclobenzaphrine, Ativan, vesicare, Oxytrol patches worked for 3 to 4 years and then failed, I tried Uracyst and had some success but my urologist felt that it was not successful so we moved on to trying something else. .


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      Are you on any medications? I find that smooth muscle antispasmodics work pretty well to reduce frequency. The one I take when needed is hyoscyamine.

      I hope you find something to help.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Have you discussed your issues with your Uro? there are solutions that can help. I suggest you see your Uro ASAP.
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          thanks for your thoughts and prayers . I have tired many treatments : elmiron Cystoprotek, many many antispasmodics ,elavil, atarax , DMSO and Rescue installations . In 2007 I went back on Elmiron and Cystoprotek after a 5 yr lapse along with DMSO treatments and they helped alot but this year stopped working . So now I am back to rescue installations and sticking with valium, elmiron and cystoprotek along with various pain meds . Honestly I feel like IC is winning and destroying my life at times . I am having trouble finding the positive any more


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            Try Prelief. I had a UTI a few weeks ago and it left me in a very bad flare, burning, frequency, spasms. I had my Uro check a second urine specimen to see if the antibiotic had killed the bactria. The test showed no signs of infection. I was desperate and started taking Prelief several times a day. After about 3 days, I was out of the flare. I've continued to take the Prelief because I went to their web site to read some amazing reviews. A lot of ICers found 100% relief by daily use of this product. Here's the link so you can read it for yourself: