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Is going to ER a bad idea?

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  • vivsmom
    I'm so sorry that these days have been so tough on you. Your journey for treatment and understanding is amazing thou.
    I hope you get good answers and find some relief.
    I'm cheering for you!


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  • ICsmiles
    Thank you for taking the time to read my message and respond.
    My mind doesn't work when I am bombarded by pain.
    I did the usual flare remedies and it helped some - baking soda in water and pyridium.
    I did get in to see my primary dr., and she is concerned I am having bowel/intestinal problems as well as my bladder -- my abdomen goes into spasm and gets tight and tender. When this happens I am afraid to eat.
    She prescribed antibiotics, thinking I might have a blockage, or infection.

    OOOWWWWWW!!!!! WRONG THING to TAKE!!! After two days (4 doses) of flagyl and cipro, my IC went into full-out agony. I was moaning and crying in bed and called the doctor to tell her I was discontinuing antibiotics. She said okay but is referring me to a GI dr. to follow up.

    I see my pain dr. next week. I am aware, on an hourly basis, that my pain is not controlled. I don't know what to do. I am already on pain management (Fentanyl patch with Norco for breakthrough and diazapam for spasms) I avoid taking the Norco and diazapam except when absolutely needed -- and I also don't want to go up any further as I feel it is already compromising the health of my digestive system.

    I've had IC (and pudendal neuralgia) for over 15 years.
    I am ready now to research the next steps, as I cannot continue to live in such pain.
    My local pain dr. and urologist keep pushing a stimulator, such as Interstim, but my PNE surgeon and I are dead set against it. For one, it is not even FDA approved for pain, but frequency and urgency, which are not my problems.

    So I am starting to research:
    - pain pump
    - getting my bladder removed

    Any feedback or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!
    - Sharon

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  • ICNDonna
    If you have signed a contract with a pain management specialist, you definitely need to contact them before going anywhere else for help with pain. If not, ER can be a wise choice.


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  • Jinny Jean
    If you really need to go id go.. All they did for me though was give me morphine.... which in my opinion helps a little with pain but doesnt take the urge to pee away..... The last time I had a flare I went to go to the ER but it was PACKED.. and in that case not worth it... But it could be that you have an infection or your right it could be something more... better go in to be safe. I really hope you feel better.

    Thinking of you.

    Jenn xoxoxox

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  • jennjenn
    It's not a bad idea if you truly need to go and have exhausted all options. I would however contact your pain management doctor or your primary care doctor first if you can get in touch with them. You can call the hospital and ask if they have a urologist on staff in the ER that can help you better or just go and let them know about your situation. Either way you should tell someone about your increase of pain so they can help you. I hope that you feel better. Let us know how your doing.
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  • ICsmiles
    started a topic Is going to ER a bad idea?

    Is going to ER a bad idea?

    I'm an IC veteran and I've never gone to the ER for IC pain. But several times during this past week I have wanted to. I am on pain management, but my meds are not helping.
    I am starting to wonder if this is more than my bladder... sometimes it is so bad I have to cry, I am in bed all day with the heatng pad on my abdomen and ice between my legs (I also have pudendal neuralgia). I follow the IC diet strictly, and all I have had today is a glass of milk. I have a regular pain clinic and plenty of pain medication

    Can anyone relate your experience when you have gone to the ER? Is it helpful, or does it just cause more grief?