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Please help. Is this an IC flare or infection?

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  • Please help. Is this an IC flare or infection?

    Hello everyone

    I would really appreciate some input on what I have been struggling with for 12 days now.

    I haven't yet been diagnosed with IC, but am awaiting a consultation with my uro following uro testing. However both my doctor and physiotherapist believe i have IC.

    About 12 days ago i started getting a lot of pressure and pain in my abdomen (I mean more than usual). I ususally feel I need to urinate all of the time anyway but i can hold it until the pain becomes too much - usually 2 hours. However I began feeling pain all of the time, especially just above my pubic bone.

    I waited a few days to see if this would pass thinking it could just be a flare but after 3 days i phoned the doctor and could only get a phone consultation. He prescribed me a course of Macrodantin 50mg 4 times a day for 7 days and asked me to bring in a sample to be sent off.

    After a few days i started feeling a little better but then i started feeling worse again. The antibiotics are finished now and I need to phone up to get the results of the urine test tomorrow.

    The problem is I feel worse now than before. My symptoms at the moment are (FOR THE PAST WEEK):
    Urinary frequency but passing less than 100ml
    Clear or pale urine, strong smelling and sometimes cloudy
    Pain in abdomen, back and just above the pubic bone
    Feeling of pressing down on my bladder
    If i jump up and down, even after emptying I can feel my bladder move about as if its full
    I feel dry around my urethral opening
    I have a cross between burning and stinging pain when passing urine or when finished
    I have shooting pains in my bladder and pubic bone and into my vaginal opening (between vagina and rectum)

    I also have general pain elsewhere in my breasts and arms. This may be due to hormones as i have polycystic ovaries and my periods are all over the place but i would be interested to know if it could be related.

    I would be grateful of any input anyone could give me because its driving me crazy. I'm housebound atm and i feel like im going to stay like this because nothing is making it better

    Thank you all in advance and i pray you are all having a better day than I am, although i appreciate many of you unfortunately are not.


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    The only sure way to know is to have a urine culture done. When my symptoms first started I was positive it was a uti but when the antibiotics only seemed to work for about two days and then the symptoms got worse after that I knew there was something else going on. For me the IC pain was actually worse than the pain from an actual uti.


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      Thanks for replying.
      I had a urine culture done when i picked up my anitbiotics but I haven't had the results yet. My doctors used to ring with the results but now I have to phone them and can never get through. I am determined to get through tomorrow and see if i can get seen by a doctor.

      The biggest problem i have had is my usual doctor who has been dealing with me for 2 years has been away on holiday for 3 weeks and so the doctor who spoke to me and prescribed has not dealt with me before. Im due to see my proper doctor on thursday but I dont think i cant wait until then and so i'll see if i can go in tomorrow


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        Have you tried the baking soda and water and tums remedy? Some people (including me) have really been helped by this to break a flare. Unless you have high blood pressure it couldn't hurt to give it a try.


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          About the only thing you can do while waiting for the results is to be sure to drink six to eight cups of water daily --- stick with the IC diet --- and possibly give AZO a try (it's over the counter). I hope you're able to find out the culture results tomorrow.

          Stay safe

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            Thanks for the replies.
            I tried the baking soda in water thing yesterday and I managed half a glass but I just couldn't drink any more. I hate the taste of water anyway, even when I was a child and really struggle to drink it without gagging. Is there anything else I can put it in that would have to same effect. Maybe milk? Or tablet form?
            As for tums and azo, I don't know if they sell them in the UK or the equivalent but I'll have a look in the pharmacy tomorrow.


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              Hi they dont sell Azo in the UK but I get it off Amazon or Ebay. You can get Tums from Asda though- they are dead cheap & help me with burning sometimes... Good luck!



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                Ahhh, thank you! I'll send the other half out for a wander tomorrow if he doesn't mind. We have an asda 15 mins away


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                  Good! Maybe try a hot water bottle on your abdomen aswell & a nice hot bath just while you are waiting to see/speak to the dr.
                  I hope you feel better soon


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                    Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately I don't have a bath, our bathrooms too small so only a shower. But I'm just about to head to bed with a hot water bottle to see if that helps