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incontinence wear for a peace of mind during flare ups?

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  • incontinence wear for a peace of mind during flare ups?

    this is hard to ask anywhere..I mean, I'm 24! this is so not supposed to happen yet.

    but I have IC and pretty bad IBS-D. lots of days (and my symptoms tend to escalate randomly—I can't predict when a day is going to be worse or manageable, which poses problems when I have to be out of the house for work), between the IBS and IC, I either actually need a bathroom or feel like I need one as often as every 10-20 minutes.

    while I don't have incontinence, that being out and needing a bathroom suddenly is such an awful feeling. even if it's just bladder pain and not a full bladder, the two tend to feel the same, and at least with me it triggers a certain cognitive response. so when I'm out and about with my babysitting job (IC + IBS-D + Fibromyalgia + Chronic Fatigue = even though I have a college degree, this part time job is the most I can do at the moment.) but when I'm out taking care of the kids and driving them around, there are several situations in which bathrooms aren't readily accessible, in which case products like Depends underwear or Poise pads really are the only way I can find some peace of mind with these conditions.

    right now I just need a little support & reassurance. I usually do feel embarrassed that it's come to this. but is a symptom coping strategy others with IC use? do you know of any other less embarrassing ways I can get that peace of mind during flare ups?

    I really appreciate advice and support I get here. hard to talk about it with family members who just can't even guess at what the IC/IBS combination feels like..

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    When I was going through the worst part of my flare I took to wearing the epends Underwear for Women. I too was mortified (I am even older than you! 27) However. I don't think people can't really notice them when you wear them. I asked my friends like a million times if they could tell. They are more uncomfortable (I think the heat being trapped was the worst). But if the choice is between wearing those or not living life like you would like I really think you should just go for it. What I would do is wear a pantyliner or pad as well with them. Then if you go only a little you can just remove that and not have to worry about the whole underwear. My mind is like yours. If I didn't wear them that's ALL I would think about. So I say go for it and give yoursel a little piece of mind?



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      Reading your post i can really relate. I am a mom to 5 and a home daycare provider. It is very hard to function with i.c. and then to add other conditions....I don't know what you take but pyridium helps a lot with urgency and burning. I have been having pretty good success using natural remedies too along with my antidepressant and hydroxyzine. During flare's i take pyridum, put tea tree oil combined with coconut oil on my urethra for pain and burning and even an ice pack helps if you are able to do that. I also do the ic diet and take prelief with almost all my meals. Hope this helps. Hope you feel better soon.