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Could this be an IC flare?

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  • Could this be an IC flare?

    I think I am in an IC flare again, but my symptoms are different this time. My pain is located closer to the opening of my urethra, a burning sensation which is not when I pee but all the time. I'm especially uncomfortable sitting. The best way to describe the pain is to compare it with right after a cathedar is removed. It feels very chaffed. I have put ice on, taken pyridium and a 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in water as well as my Atarax, which usually helps. Still stuggling. I am also feeling at times like I may lose bladder control and have to all of a sudden clench. I have not had this feeling before. I feel like peeing often as well. Usually my symptoms are more to do with the bladder pain. This other stuff is new to me and I am really hoping it is not a yeast infection gone crazy or something because I can't seem to imagine going beyond a few days with this. I may call my URO and request an emerg. appointment. I'm supposed to drive 4 hours Friday and I can't even sit. If it is a flare, then maybe my symptoms will improve soon. Can anyone else tell me if they have felt similar symptoms and offer any advice?

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    Please do call your doctor. It sounds like infection is a possibility and you don't want to ignore it.

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    Stay safe

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      In the beginning my symptoms were mainly pain in the bladder area and pelvic floor with spasms and frequency. After a few months for some reason my symptoms changed to having pain,irritation, and burning in the urethral area only. It was strange to have these symptoms change like that and no one really had a good answer for me as to why but my Dr. did recommend a urinalysis to make sure it wasn't an infection.


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        Thanks. I did get my doctor to check for a bladder infection. No signs of one. I am feeling better as the day goes on today so quite possibly it was a flare. Hopefully I will continue to improve and I will make sure not to eat Moo Shoo Pork again, even with Prelief.

        It's encouraging to here that others have had similar symptoms and things change like that, even though it's not nice, at least I maybe know what's going on.