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Scared to try Metrogel

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  • Scared to try Metrogel

    I have had bv on and off for 2 years. It usually comes back after my period. I have tried oral flagyl which made me sick and caused a yeast infection and my IC to flare. I have tried boric acid.. it never really got rid of it. Now my OB?GYn wants to do Metrogel and then each month after my period do it for 2 days. I have read a lot of stories about metrogel causing the IC to get worse. I read posts on here and I am so scared to use it. Has anyone used it without a problem? And since flagyl flared my bladder does that mean metrogel will too? Also I cant use over the counter yeast infection medicine it makes me swell down there. Will metrogel do the same? Thanks

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    Hi, I have used metrogel and it didnt bother my IC. But also metrogel isnt as effective as flagyl. I have also used a clindamycin suppositores for BV prescribed from my doctor and it worked great! I get BV and Yeast quite often and I cant tolerate oral flagyl because it just rips my stomach up. Recently, I saw a nurse practicioner and she reccommened that I use rephresh suppository gels for prevention because it balances the vaginal PH. You can get them from almost any drugstore. They are quite expensive so I order online. but alot of people love to use them. I also just started taking a stronger probiotic yesterday. Renew Life Vaginal Support it has 50 billion cultures. Fem Dophilus is good also.
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      I took flagyl for intestinal parasites several years ago and it wasn't a problem for my IC. I haven't tried metrogel since I don't have your problem.

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