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    I thought I could up my immune system's game by taking a multivitamin. I bought One-A-Day Women's Multivitamins. After taking one Tuesday night, I have been experiencing a significant flare-up of my symptoms. This is so frustrating! I should have examined the ingredients more closely; one of the main ingredients is ascorbic acid.

    I feel like I am at my wit's end. I am in the process of filing for an intermittent FMLA leave at work, as my endo/cysts/pelvic floor dysfunction/IC are making hard for me to function as a normal human being. Things were bad enough before this flare, and now it's just too much to handle!

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?
    Mommy to Dolores Anne, born 2 September 2012

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    Many ICers have a problem with multivitamins. Some can tolerate children's chewable ones.

    Stay safe

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      Thank you for the suggestion, Donna.

      I am so frustrated with myself. If had just checked the label, I wouldn't be in so much pain!

      Mommy to Dolores Anne, born 2 September 2012

      Current Meds: Zoloft, Premarin, Klonopin, Tramadol, UTA


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        I started taking One-A-Day Women's Multivitamins in November and within in couple days it felt like I had a full blown UTI. After many tests and pain killers later I was diagnosed with IC. My flare up started the same time I started at Multivitamin, I am thinking that was the trigger. It's now the end of January and it seems like there is no end. Please let me know if you have found anything to relieve the pain, I have terrible burning in my bladder!


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          I seem to be doing okay with a Sam's Club multi-vitamin; no ascorbic acid, no gluten, no soy, etc!
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