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Is this what a flare is?

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  • Is this what a flare is?

    Are these normal flare symptoms? About 2 weeks ago I noticed that my bladder felt "different" and about a week after that it started to REALLY bother me: frequency, urgency, mild burning and I had to sit on my couch all last weekend because any movement would cause my bladder to feel really achy. Well now, a week later, my symptoms are mostly mild burning and pressure in my bladder. My bladder also feels a little tender, like I am "aware" of my bladder. Its definetly a lot better but still doesn't feel great. When does symptoms of a flare subside? Does it usually take weeks, even months? And do these symptoms seem normal for a flare? Has anyone have had flare symptoms never go away?

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    Ya I've had IC for about 2 years now, and this is my first bad flare. It really happend for no reason. Food doesn't seem to have much effect on my bladder. I'm wondering if it could be stress related.

    I'm really not on any treatment plan. The urologist I've seen did a quick cysto and think I just have bladder spasms, but I'm convinced I have IC. I really don't do much for my IC except occasionally do pelvic floor excercises and take prelief when my bladder really starts to hurt like now, just in case food really is bothering it.