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So Careful, Yet So Stupid

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  • So Careful, Yet So Stupid

    In a flare....I have been extremely cautious the last twenty months concerning my diet. At first, it was definitely a struggle but the more I practiced the easier it was to adhere.

    Rewind to the past weekend.....finally tried almond butter. I truly enjoyed. My next thought was, "Let's make a sandwich using blueberry preserve." Wow! It had been such a long time since I ate anything resembling a PBJ sandwich. Sunday I began to experience frequency but I attributed that to not sleeping well. I continued to eat sandwiches through Wednesday. Each day my symptoms increased and now I am in pain. On Wednesday nite as I was praying a still voice said, "Go read the preserve jar!" Could not believe it - sweetened with pineapple, lemon, and apple juice.

    Hard lesson learned. Taking my meds (Uribel, prelief) and staying clear of anything that might cause irratation. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake it with a better attitude. I feel so stupid right now. Missed 4 days from work.....

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    We all goof once in a while. I'm just glad you found the cause of your flare. I hope you feel better quickly.

    Stay safe

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      Thanks for the encouragement. I am feeling better this morning.


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        "Hero" Jams

        Hi -

        You might want to look for the "Hero" brand jams and preserves in the supermarket. They only have the fruit and sugar. Make sure to check the label on the ones you are considering to be sure.

        Hope this is helpful to you.



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          Re: "Hero" Jams

          so fruit juices causes there a list someplace? bladder irratitants? I quit coffee and chocolate and don't eat tomatoes or spicy foods...or fruit juice (now..thanks!) is there a general list? not listing EVERY juice for instance... Thanks for the HERO brand jams..I have never seen that in the stores though. Darn that PEG! causing this....I was fine before. Had a bit of not going all the way but not bad. Now I suffer. Am trying uribel today..otc phenazoyridine hydrochgloride helps some.... it's (according to posts here NOT for irritation but an anti biotic anti bacterial and anti spasm medication. I don't have spasms...I have irritation. the lining feels like it's been burned away. Doc said it looks fine but it burns! Sorry didn't mean to take your post over...I'll post it new. Thanks.


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            Re: "Hero" Jams

            Originally posted by lynneat
            so fruit juices causes there a list someplace? bladder irratitants? I quit coffee and chocolate and don't eat tomatoes or spicy foods...or fruit juice (now..thanks!) is there a general list? not listing EVERY juice for instance...
            There is a list of "Most Bothersome Foods" near the top and a column of "Foods To Avoid" on the IC Food list here:

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              Re: "Hero" Jams

              Yes, you have to be careful with any type of canned fruit or preserve product. In the ICN shop, we sell Colorado Mountain Jams and Jelly's.. which are very low in acid and actually use a low acid pectin as well. Sold them for years with great success to patients with a sensitive bladder. We have several flavors: Pear, Blueberry, Blackberry, Apple Pie!

              Here's a link -

              Also, just for the holidays, we have a Chardonnay and a Merlot Jam.. also made with the low acid process and the alcohol has been cooked off. Just for a little fun.. and to be used only in very small amounts... maybe over cream cheese for a holiday appetizer.

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                Re: "Hero" Jams

                Thanks all. I don't think i have ic but bladder burns due to miralax was ok for almost a year...then...burning now! has anyone had burning after miralax? I took it a long time for chronic constipation. I saw stats online ...only 2% was listed as having burning after miralax/PEG. so doubt anyone here has it because of that but just asking as healing should be different....thanks much!