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    Well last Tuesday I had a horrible pain in my bladder that basically doubled me over. I went to the docotor they found a lot of blood in my urine and a little bit of infection. When I would pee it burned so bad that I thought I would pass out. Anyway he gave me Cipro and pyridium. Well I have taken 5 days of Cipro and didnt take any yesterday ( I forgot) well this morning I am burning again at the end of peeing (like with an infection) ever since last Tuesday my bladder has not felt good. I only used the pyridium for 3 days. But now the pain is coming back along with the burning at the end of peeing (which I dont have with just my regular ic) I am scared that something is wrong like it is my IC and I am going to have live like this. I feel like the Cipro should have taken care of the infection. I am just really scared and in pain.

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    I went back to the doctor. They found a trace of blood some WBC and some bacteria. I was hurting so bad. I felt like I had to pee all the time and at the end of urinating it would burn so bad I wanted to scream. Hr gave me a shot of rocephin (sp) and macrodantin to take 4 times a day. Plus they are going to send my urine off for a culture. I was diagnosed with Ic about 5 years ago. I am afraid it has progressed and this is how I will have to live. I have been doing so good. Just watching what I eat and drink. I take elavil and vistaril at night. I just don't understand why the cipro didn't take care of it. That it may just be my Ic. Has anybody else ever had this? Hugs to everyone