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Scared: colonoscopy and flares

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    Well, I was forced into agreeing to a colonoscopy due to repetitive bouts of severe abdominal pain. (Severe to the point of the pain causing near blackouts). This was September of 2012. They found NOTHING, no inflammation, no polyps.
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      Just putting it out there!
      DO NOT have a colonoscopy unless you've researched the Dr and ask questions why this invasive procedure is needed!
      This is more dangerous than they claim.
      Research the dangers and you'll see that the equipment cannot be 100% sterilized and that Hepititis and HIV has been traced back to that.
      The prep in and of itself can and will cause IC.
      For me it's been 3 years of total hell and lots of money and Drs later to look at me like I'm mental.
      I know without a doubt this colonoscopy IS the culprit of my problems.
      My symptoms happened directly after the procedure,and I mean right afterwards.
      The Dr who did this REFUSED me a follow up the next day for complications to boot!
      Ended up in the ER scared and confused!
      Anyway there are many different scenarios on how or why IC occurs,just beware and don't believe or trust a Drs opinion if instinct tells you otherwise.
      (Think about it) have you ever been looked at like you nuts and they don't listen to YOU?