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flare from sinus infection?

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  • flare from sinus infection?

    Is it possible to flare just from having a sinus infection? My infection started the first of Sept and I started treating it then because I knew what it was, I had one in June and it was the same symptoms. Both times I was on Azithromycin for 10 days (big guns for bad infections) Then this week my right cheek and upper teeth really started hurting. I have had ringing in my ears (not fun in tap class, I couldn't keep my balance!) and headaches that are not relieved by my relpax. So I went back to the Drs today and she put me on Augmentin for 10 days. If I'm not better by Monday its another med and a CT Scan to make sure we are not missing something.
    The problem is that yesterday I started having frequency and lower abd pain as well as lower back pain. Today it has gotten much worse. I have stuck to my diet and even cut out wheat in the past few months for my gut which has helped so much. So I have no idea what has upset my bladder so much. I haven't flared since March when I ate 3 grapes. I feel just awful, on top of the fact that I haven't slept well in a week! I have been living on the couch unless I have been working
    32 years old
    Symptoms started after a mole removal and flu shot. Diagnosed after 3rd opinion and cystoscopy with hydrodistention. Now attend a pelvic medicine clinic with my gyno and uro every 2 months.
    Also I have migraines, vulvodynia, endometriosis, IBS, eczema, severe seasonal allergies, PFD, chronic yeast, primary raynaud's, and a shoulder full of scar tissue from a mole removal

    Current treatment
    Zantac 150mg twice a day
    Topamax 75mg twice a day
    Trazodone 50mg before bed
    Atarax 25mg before bed and as needed
    Elivil 25mg before bed
    Zyrtec 10mg once a day
    Ogestrel continuously
    Lidocaine cream as needed
    Estrogen/Testosterone cream three times a week
    Gabapentin cream daily
    Valium vaginal suppository as needed
    Pyridium as needed
    Physical Therapy for PFD treatment
    Acupuncture every other week