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How long do flares usually last?

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  • How long do flares usually last?

    Ive been in a flare now for almost 2 mos. I just went up on estrogen from 0.5 to 1 mg. Only been just over a week. Been on ic diet for a month or more and pain has gotten better(not totally gone) but urgency and frequency is still bad. Pyridium helps a little. Can anyone tell me how long flares usually last? Is there anything else I can do to get this to go away? I'm also waiting to get some vaginal cream from a compounding pharm. Has anyone found if this works good? I'm starting to get desperate. Don't want to do any instills or anything like that.Also have been on tibetan herbs, but not really working this time, last time worked in a week. PLEASE HELP!!! Love to all and healing thoughts!!!!

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    hmmm I hope someone else can give you a better answer than me, but I really think there is literally no standard "length of flare time" that anyone could tell you. I've been in a flare for 9 months. Sometimes the flare gets worse, and that usually lasts for a day or two. SO maybe thats the answer you're looking for- a day or two!
    IC symptoms since Dec. 12 2010 after confirmed bladder infection "never went away." Recently also diagnosed with PCOS, piriformis syndrome, and pelvic floor dysfunction, sinus issues. I was in great health before fall 2010.
    Current medications: citalopram 40 mg, valium 2.5 mgs a night, lidocaine patch (for back pain), Prelief
    Therapies tried or continuing: stretches, walks, baths, internal massage, physical therapy, IC diet, IF unit, heating pad, mindfulness based stress reduction classes, cognitive therapy, books on IC and pelvic pain...

    Drugs Tried: the urinary analgesics, 4 kinds of muscle relaxants (including in suppository form), hydroxyzine, 3 kinds of TCA's, lyrica, cymbalta, 6 months elmiron, vesicare, antibiotics, prednisone (after sinus surgery), NSAIDS...
    Supplements: over 20 herbs and supplements, including regimens from TCM practitioner and a naturopathic MD
    Intravesical/Surgical: 3 instills of Uracyst, 2 “rescue instills” lidocaine, bicarb, elmiron; 1 self-instill of marcaine, a steroid, bicarb and heparin; 1 hydrodistention and capsaicin instill (made me worse, still recovering two months later...)
    Other: Acupuncture treatments, magnets (LOL), Anti-Candida Diet (2 months), Wheat free diet, water pH


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      When my symptoms began I had been in a four month flair. They decreased once I started meds that agreed with me and supplements. It sounds like it varies widely between PBS sufferers. Once I found something that helped, my flares went down to a week or two and sometimes a day or two. One thing that really did help for a bad flare up (which I wasn't aware of at first and sure wish I had been) is the baking soda shooters. It alkalizes everything really quickly and stopped the burning sensation. Only should be used though if you do not have high blood pressure or any other condition that would affect your blood pressure.


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        I have been on the diet, to the "T" and my meds for about a month now and I am having the worst IC flare ever. It has only lasted about a month so far and I hope it doesnt go further than that. I dont want to take my pyridium in fear that my body will get used to it and it wont work for me anymore when I REALLY need it. It gets worse the week before and after my period with a possibility of it hurting during the week of. But it has been two weeks after and I am dying. Any suggestions?
        Medicines Taking
        • Elmiron 3x a day
        • Amitriptyline 1x a day
        • Pyridium as needed

        “I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn't have a chance to win.” -Arnold Palmer


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          Hi Nana from another Nana ~
          I have to agree with the other posts....I don't think there is any rhyme or reason to the length of a flare. I honestly think I was in one huge flare for over a year before I was diagnosed and began treatment. In the beginning was the IC diet and did receive "some" relief but it wasn't until well into my treatments before I could see some sort of normalcy to my life again. Now it just seems like they come as they please but with time and trials I've pretty much gotten things controllable where I'm not calling my PA from some bathroom stall in tears!

          Please just hang in there......things do seem to come together for most. Take care and may you find your best treatments and relief soon.
          Never heard of IC til suspected....Never knew so many suffer from it. Praying for a cure. I've found can you...keep the hope.

          11/2007 IC Symptoms began during recovery of surgery for bladder susp & hysto: painful/urge/freq urination up to 50 times a day, pain walking, even water hurts.
          8/2009 Susp IC; 1/2010 Treatment began; 2/2010 Diag PFD, PT, Surg remove mesh; 5/2010 Surg, 2nd bladder repair, vag vault/sm int prolapse repair, IC confirmed in surg; 7/2010 Diag Candida Esophagitis, Gastritis, Diviticulosis, Gallstones,
          8/2010 Surg gallbladder
          TREATMENTS (updated 4/15)
          IC Diet since 8/2009 (Able to vary 4/15)
          Heparin/Lidocaine/Bicarb/Kenalog Instills 1xDay
          Aloe Vera Capsules, (2) 2xDay, Loratadine 1xDay
          Pantoprazole, Prelief, Pyridium up to 3xDay, Premarin Cream 3xWeek
          *DISCONTINUED since feeling better: Celexa 10mg daily*, Fiber supp*,
          Gabapentin 12/2011 worked well *, Macrodantin 100mg after instill*, Probiotics*, PT-PFD*, Valium Vag Suppositories: Cyclo/diaz/lido, 10/5/62.5mg *
          PROB MEDS: Elavil, up to 50mg 1/2011 ret&hbp, Urelle ret, Vesicare ret