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Blood in urine, flare or infection?

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  • Blood in urine, flare or infection?

    I've been doing really well. My pain and frequency were down to a 3 and I even had a week of normality! Today we had a christening to attend and I was careful with what I ate but thought I would try the ricotta cheesecake that had 2 choc chips in it. A couple of hours later and I'm feeling like I have a uti. Blood in the urine, some clots and I have frequency and feel sick. The last time I felt like this I went to the dr and was tested and it came back negative. I am booked in lunch time tomorrow to get tested. But I just have a few questions to ask you experts. Is it normal to get blood with a flare? Any tips on what I can do to get through the tonight?

    I don't want to take antibiotics as I know I can't test my urine then. But if it's not normal to have blood should I just take the antibiotics?

    Oh hate this horrible disease!

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    Re: Blood in urine, flare or infection?

    Most IC sufferers always have some trace blood in their urine but it is not normal to be able to see it. You can buy test strips OTC if you want to do a fast test yourself. I would also pick up some AZO (without cranberry) to help any burning. Antibiotics are hard on me. I find if I eat a cup of yogurt per day it keeps the good bacteria going so I don't get stomach problems. Just realized this is from yesterday. Hopefully you are feeling better today.


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      Re: Blood in urine, flare or infection? sorry you're in a flare. I never have visible blood in my urine, but I always have microscopic blood. I think different doctors deal with that in different ways. My doctor says she always wants to do further testing -- namely, an in-office cystoscopy -- if there is visible blood. I'm curious to hear what other people's experiences are with this.
      Diagnosed October 2012. Have never identified specific foods that trigger symptoms, but stress and hormone fluctuations are big triggers. I avoid foods/substances that are common triggers for other people.

      Have tried without long-term success:

      Cystoprotek (for 2+ years)
      Marshmallow root (for 1+ years)
      Desert Harvest aloe vera (for 1+ years)
      Corn silk
      Imipramine (Tofranil)
      Office instills (no relief from these, even temporary)
      Chinese herb blends
      Gluten-free diet (no improvement in anything, not even energy level)

      Also have: GERD and migraines.


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        Re: Blood in urine, flare or infection?

        Hi Owlie
        I upped my dose of d mannose and water and took half a Valium and got through the night. I'm feeling slot better but still not comfortable like I was prior. I seen the dr yesterday and he took a urine sample. He is not concerned and thinks it's all part of ic. He wants me to follow up with a urologist just for peace of mind. I just can't seem to find a good one that knows about IC.