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Flaring From Eating.

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  • Flaring From Eating.

    I'm having a terrible time with burning after EVERYTHING I eat !!!
    I'm only eating bland foods eg sweet potato, cod, carrots.
    Anyone got any ideas on what I can do, apart from stop eating to ease this awful burning
    bladder and constant weeing !


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    Re: Flaring From Eating.

    The best suggestion I can think of is to click on the diet link in my signature below and print out the food lists to use as a guide in meal planning.

    Stay safe

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      Re: Flaring From Eating.

      Hi Donna
      The IC diet doesn't work for me. I really need some idea of some bland foods.


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        Re: Flaring From Eating.

        Vanilla frozen yogurt shakes are soothing to me. I believe some people eat plain rice,organic plain turkey or chicken. Are you drinking a new kind of bottled water? And drinking enough water to dilute your urine? (Maybe try distilled water) Are you experiencing heartburn or acid reflux?Both of those stomach problems always make my bladder burn,so I take something like Zantac or Tagamet when that happens.sounds very frustrating.are you taking any medications for your IC and have they helped?


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          Re: Flaring From Eating.

          Sadly I don't like yogurt. Recently I've found chicken or turkey really upsets my stomach,
          I think it's my IBS. I've been on the same bottled water for ages . I do have heartburn and acid reflux, I feel like I'm burning from top to bottom. I take pantoprazole but it's not helping much..
          I recently took a Zantac and next morning the pain was a lot worse. I wish I could get on top of
          the acid burning.
          Thanks for your reply.


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            Re: Flaring From Eating.

            Maybe a GI doc could help you? There is a new ICer here who is on the FODMAP diet for his bowel problems. I am not surprised that your bladder burns if your tummy is too. Good luck with sorting this out! shorty