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  • One day at a time...

    A new strategy that I found lately is the thought that this pain will also passed & another day will come. I just got to be patient today & maybe tomorrow my bladder will feel relax. I also talk to my bladder sometimes as if that my bladder is a part of me that has its own life & can understand the pain that it is causing itself & me,& I will ask if I drink more green tea & lay down for an hour will go sleep with me.Sometimes I felt very connected with my bladder ,that I can actually cut the pain in half. It's probably just in my head but hey anything that will get me through the day.I am motivating myself of all the plans for my son's future ,even he is not with me right now.He will be home soon & I am preparing for him so I need to be in topnotch shape.One little things one day at a time gets met hrough the flaring moments.

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    oceanoa, I hear you loud and clear.In my case I mentally bribe myself.I tell myself If I get threw this task I will reward myself by...if at work taking a few min to sit,at home lying down for a few min etc. [img]wink.gif[/img] .I believe the mind is a powerful weapon against ic.I convince myself theres a great reward waiting for me if I can get threw the obstacle even if its simple like washing dishes. <img src="graemlins/lmao.gif" border="0" alt="[lmao]" />


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      I say if it works go for it! If we focus only negative energy toward our bladder how could it ever feel better? There is power in positivity!