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What do you do to get interested in life again?

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  • What do you do to get interested in life again?

    I could use some help.
    What do you do to get motivated to just join life again? I have gone to counsler, am taking the antidepressant....talking to my higher power,
    but the pain, the stress of doing nothing and I look in the mirror and do not see me....

    How do you get interested in anything?


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    Try reaching out to help someone else. I started helping the Senior Center in my town make telephone calls to the eldery. This gives me a reason to wake up in the morning, and I find instead of my cheering them up they cheer me up. There is some much wisdom and so much strength in this ladies. Several of them are totally bed bound; yet they find reasons to get through their day.

    How could I do any less?



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      Thanks Laurose,

      Maybe that would help, I think I will try calling the volunteer line after this storm....everything shutdown today.



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        Volunteer work is an excellent suggestion. Also, you might start going for short walks. Just take it easy --- and it's getting close to time to watch for signs of spring.

        You might also take a trip to the beauty shop for a shampoo and styling. That always gives me a lift.

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          Great ideas! I got a perm and haircut - really helped my spirits. I also starting taking weaving classes at the local cultural arts center. Getting interested in being creative again really got my life juices flowing. I find I lose my self in what I'm doing and can forget about my IC.

          Melanie J.
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            Hi everyone
            I felt a bit down yesterday and had trouble getting motivated, that was, until we all went to rock'n'roll dancing club. Our whole family, all 5 of us, dance now.
            Dancing requires concentration on the rhythm of the music and to learn new steps. It makes me forget all about my depression and it's good gentle exercise too.