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hooray!! my urethra feels better than it has in EIGHT years!

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    Your urethral problem

    Hi Mary Ann,

    Thank you for your good wishes to me, too. I got to thinking about something and wanted to ask you. I know you said your problem is mainly urethral. With your urethral problem, do you have the feeling like there are about 20,000 gallons of liquid that you are trying to hold back, therefore giving it a tremendous pressure problem in your urethra? I often wonder if mine is more urethral and pelvic floor dysfunction-related. I mean, I know I have IC and that my bladder is very much affected by foods I eat or anything I drink other than water or milk, but it's always that darn, horrendous, extreme, pressure feeling that I have that probably does feel like it's all collected there in my urethra.

    When I asked if your suppositories were vaginal or urethral, you said urethral. I got to thinking, if you are truly inserting the suppositories directly into your urethra, a much smaller opening than vaginally, I would think you wouldn't have any problem inserting a catheter to give yourself treatments.

    At first, the difficulty for me in giving myself the bladder instillations, was trying to find my urethra. :-) I know that sounds funny, but I never had any children and never really looked around down there closely, so when they were teaching me how to insert the catheter into my urethra, the hardest part for me was in finding it. :-) You already know how to insert a suppository in there, so I would think that if you used some Lidocaine in there, like I mentioned earlier, perhaps it wouldn't be as bad as you're thinking it could be.

    Those urethral suppositories must really be narrow. I would think it would be difficult to be able to insert them without them breaking when they're as narrow as they must be in order for them to go in that narrow opening. Perhaps urethral suppositories would help me. Maybe, if I don't have good luck with my Valium vaginal suppositories, perhaps I should think about trying the urethral suppositories ... except I do know that I have the pelvic floor dysfunction and what I'm using right now is best for that. Oh, I don't know. I'm just kind of talking out loud. Ugh! :-(

    I was mainly thinking about your situation when I came here ... thinking about your hesitation in cathing yourself for the bladder instillations. I think you have half the battle conquered already, though, with already knowing how to insert directly into your urethra. Do you already use something like Lidocaine to numb the urethra before you insert the suppository? Okay, have to go for now.



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      thanks again, Carol yes the suppositories are quite narrow and I do apply lidocaine prior to insertion. yes I suppose I could work out this fear with the catheter, I shall see, best of wishes to you.

      take care,

      Mary Ann.


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        Re: hooray!! my urethra feels better than it has in EIGHT years!

        Once again Im replying to an old thread lol but I'm just wondering if the Urita c helped with your frequency ? Did you have freequebcy or just pain ?? I really think that my freequebcy is coming from my urethral so far I haven't been able to get any relief so if this works really well for freequebcy in urethra I really want to try it