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    I was just wondering how many of us are struggling to do any exercise?

    I am getting more and more out of shape each year as I baby my bladder, and would like to find a way to do some non pain causing exercise,
    anyone with severe pain have a suggestion?

    I was thinking about walking, which can be painful, but time of year (it may start snowing here in Calgary soon) may cause some motivation issues.

    Do you take pain meds to work out? Is it worth it?

    Thanks for helping,
    One day at a time

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    Hi Lotisgirl,
    I work out on an XL GLIDDER. All you do is swing your feet and legs back and forth and it does not bother my IC. I don't have to take pain meds to use it. You can get one from Walmart for under a 100.00 Its great. I cannot do any other kind of exercise.
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      I have an exercise bike, that has instead of the regular saddle, it looks just like a chair. It, so far, has been O.K. I got it at Sears, and my urologist said that would be the better type of exercise bike to use. The other one sounds interesting from Walmart as well. I do not do a lot, but when I feel like it, it has worked O.K. for me with IC, take care Iris hi hat
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        Both of those sound great. That way if you're flaring you're in your home and know a bathroom is close. I walk with my son in the park as often as possible.
        But when cold weather strikes, I don't like it as well. Take care..
        Tons of support,

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          I joined a yoga group a few years ago. It's a great way to detox and heal. I am my own worst enemy. I do things that make me hurt. I have a hard time staying motivated. Any suggestions? I also joined Curves. It's a great stress reliever. I like working out alot. I just need the motivation to do better with managing my IC symptoms. ANY IDEAS???? help!!!


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            Thanks for your replies! Doesn't sound like the treadmill is a first choice. I have been wondering about other equipment that protects that area, so I think that a visit to the exercise equipment store might be a good idea. I think I'll talk to my pelvic floor physio as well and I'll report back!
            One day at a time


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              Hey there! I had trouble with a treadmill because it seemed to jar my bladder. I think even a slow pace walking outside is better than nothing. Maybe try some light arm weights, something that doesn't stress the bladder, but helps your muscles stay toned. Take things one day at a time. If your having a really bad day, don't exsercise that day, if your having a great day then go for it! Don't get upset at your body, that will only make things worse. Be sure to take time out for yourself and take a relaxing bath, or something else that comforts you, on days when you can't work out.

              I know that advise is simple enough, but I think we all forget to pamper ourselves now and then. You have to take time re-energize yourself if you want to have energy to give to the rest of the world.

              Best Wishes!



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                I've just started doing Pilates again. I love it. On days that I don't feel well, I don't do anything. I've been trying to walk and lift weights. I used to be so active, I would do a Kickboxing class and then go lift weights after. Since IC and Asthma that's really not an option for me anymore. I like doing Tae Chi and a lot of relaxation exercises that focus on strength and slow movements. I'm sure you can do some research on that to see if is right for you. Starting off slow is the main thing. Good Luck getting started. Let us know what works for you!

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                  I love to do my 3K powerwalk on the days
                  I am not working.
                  It makes me feel energiesd and clears my mind.
                  I do lift weights to...
                  I promise not to laugh... if you promise not to cry

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