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  • I can do it!(SueC)

    365 Daily Affirmations I CAN DO IT!-2001
    by Louise L. Hay
    Author of the international bestsellers
    You Can Heal your Life and Empowering Women

    Each year is a new begining in the calender of time. The past year is over and done. We can not relive it, so we choose to release any old hurts or regrets. In front of us is a new door that opens to fresh new expreiences that we have never lived before. Our future depends on what we choose to believe, think,and say, for our thoughts and words shap our expreiences. It is with love that we choose to think thoughts that make us feel good, and know that all is well in our world. Lovingly, Louise L. Hay.
    Happy New year,2001. This is the day I give myself permission to change. This is a new year and a new opportunity to acknowledge and accept myself just as I am. Right now I am worthy of all the good that Life has to offer.

    I release the past and become a "now" person.
    This moment is a new beginning for me, right now.

    Today is the day I created yesterday. Tomorrow is the day I created today. My thinking is powerful.

    I break new ground and begin exciting new adventures.

    I turn my past mistakes into the compost that nourishes the new seeds I now plant.

    I get more organized every day, and life becomes simple and easy.

    The first step in healing or changing is awareness. I try to be aware of everything in my world, each and every day.

    In this new millennium, we have unprecedented opportunities for global tranformation.
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    Sue C
    Sue C.~
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    How wonderful this expression is I really cherish it and "I MISS YOU ALOT"
    Take care and please email me
    [email protected]
    Luv ya lots
    luv ya all
    always and forever


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      Dear Sue,

      Thank you so much. Your post was lovely!!! I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I have been quite ill. You took the time to write something that has such power behind it. When I read posts like that on this board it mikes me smile and remember why this board is here in the first place. It made my day.

      Thank you and I hope you are doing well.
      Lots of love,
      Laura xoxo


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        It is possible for me to move from the old order into the new order safely and peacefully, and I am busy doing that right now.

        What I give out, I get back. I give out love and acceptance, and only love and acceptance comes back to me.

        I rejoice in the small beinnings that tell me that my new thoughts are manifesting themselves in wonderful ways.

        Now is the time for me to fulfill my lifelong dreams.

        Deep at the center of my being is an infinite well of love. I now allow this love to flow to the surface and radiate all around me. I am safe.

        I sleep peacefully at the appropriate time, which is perfect for my schedule. Other people respect my needs.

        This is a day to increase our consciousness of good in the world. The more we look for good, the more good we will find.

        I cross all bridges with joy and ease.I am safe, and I am at peace.

        "I love and approve of myself" is one of best things I can say during the day.

        Today I try out new ideas. I am free and independent. I think for myself, and I do what I want to do.

        I see life with positive, loving eyes, and I contribute to the healing of the planet.

        I relax and appreciate the perfect unfoldment of my highest potential.

        I clear away my clutter. I gladly release all that I no longer need.

        [email protected]
        Sue C.
        I Can Do It!

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        Sue C
        Sue C.~
        [email protected]