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    This board has been a little quiet because I was getting over bronchitis. All better now It is that time of year again to wrap presents. This year I have discovered the joy of gift bags. I used to use wrapping paper, but decided that bags were the faster way to go. Are any of you guys having fun wrapping yet? Let me know how it is going. In a way getting those presents bought and wrapped is very motivating!


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    Hi Laura:
    You are talking about wrapping gifts... One year when my kids were small, I bought twin sheet sets for them. I never used the top sheet, because my kids liked the fleece throws or I would crochet blankets for their beds. Well anyway, I used the top sheets to make giant gift bags for each of them, I sewed the three sides together and hemmed the top of the "bag" and ran macrame cord through as a draw-string. I placed all their gifts in their own bags. They all took turns going through their bags and found it exciting, "Santa left them a whole sackful of presents." I still have the bags, and I used them for more than just that one Christmas. They seemed to really enjoy this idea. It saved on wrapping paper and, really didn't take that much time to do.


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      I've actually finished shopping and wrapping! I had to do everything early this year because we have to ship everything back east. We are going to both Maine and PA this year. It's going to be very crazy. I'm going to ship all the packages today. Yikes!
      I actually wish I had more presents to wrap. I love wrapping. I put on the Christmas music and take my time. It's so much fun.
      take care,


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        I use gift bags, wrapping papers and every year when X-mas is over, I buy large christmas stockings. This is usually what I wrap alot of my presents in. All my wrapping and gifts were purchased by the second week of September.

        I found out that by the second week in October, prices go up to get ready for the holidays. So when the items go on sale you are actually paying the regular price. But if you buy before October 1, and you get an item on sale that you really did get a bargain.


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          Wrapping????? First I have to do my shopping! I'm always late with it. The last ten days before Christmas.

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            Hi guys,

            Thanks for all your stories. Mar that is a great idea! It is one of my favorite things to do. Actually this evening my fiance and I finished up all of our wrapping! Now that we are done I can hardly wait till next year.

            Lots of hugs,