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Hard to get motivated when sick

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  • Hard to get motivated when sick

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have just come down with bronchitis. I am flaring on and off due to the antibiotics. I feel awful. I never seem to get a break from all this sickness. It is hard to be motivated to help motivate you guys. Maybe you guys could help motivate me to be in a better mood while I am sooo sick. I am grouchy and know that my family and friends are putting up with me. Any thing you could say would be appreciated.

    Thanks and hope you are all doing better than me!


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    I absolutely understand! If we didn't have IC, it would be much easier to deal with the colds, bronchitis, and all the other stuff other people get. But IC is enough already. We don't need anything else.

    Just remember --- tomorrow you will be a little better --- and the following day better yet, etc.

    Sending healing hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Laura,I know how you feel,I have had an upper respiratory infection since last week.Great way to spend Thanksgiving.Thank God the anti-biotics did not flare my IC,as a matter of fact it helped my bladder.It was the stress incontinence from coughing so hard that was embarassing(good old depends)It seems like it is never ending,I would like to have one full day where I can say that I really feel great.Hope you feel better.Lots and lots of healing hugs, delores


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        Thank you both,

        I am doing much better today. I was not sleeping well at all, but last night I slept like a baby. I'm hoping that I'm all better by the end of the weekend.

        Hope you are all well.

        Lots of hugs,