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Tips for Having Fun at New Years Eve Parties

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  • Tips for Having Fun at New Years Eve Parties

    Hi everyone! Christmas is almost here and so is New Year's Eve. I know it can be hard to think about having/going to New Year's parties. Here are some ideas to help you still have fun while managing your IC. Please add any tips that you utilize to stay motivated and enjoy New Years.

    1. What to do about the New Year's Eve midnight toast? Liquor can create flares for many of us with IC, but there are some options that might work for you. Some larger grocery stores and liquor stores sell non-alcohol wine. These wines are made in the usual way, but then an extra step is taken to remove the alcohol. These wines usually end up only having and half percent of alcohol my volume. When toasting with regular wine choose white wine over red. White wine is usually less acidic. Try adding just teaspoon or two of Irish Cream to a decaf coffee that you can tolerate and then top with a dolop of whip cream. This way you are getting the taste, but not a whole glass of a liquor that could cause a flare.

    2. Dress warm, and in layers, especially if you are going to be in a larger building, or if you have to walk a ways from your car to the building. Being cold and shivering doesn't make the bladder happy!

    3. Bring some IC friendly food with you. If you need to bring a covered dish to a party, make one that you can enjoy! Maybe bring a bottle of water that you can tolerate too.

    4. If you are having a party don't forget to take the help where you can get it! Get some pre-made food from the store, have friends bring a dish with them...etc..

    5. If you are going to a party at a public building/ ahead and find out if the bathrooms are easily accesible. Perhaps request to have a table closer to the restroom area.

    6. If New Year's Eve arrives and you are having a flare up, it's okay to stay at home. Turn on the Christmas tree lights, rent some movies...have some comfort food..write poetry, or journal, reflect on the past year and the year to come. Take a hot bath...and so on. Enjoy your self!

    Happy New Year!!!


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    Thankyou for the tips Vernicoa. I stay home new years eve night. I am working 10am-5pm that day. Have a wonderful New Years.
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie


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      Thanks Veronica for taking the time to print that out for us. It gives me some good tips to think about. And I will definitely check out #1.

      Happy New Year to you!