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This Lady is a Fighter-A gift for all of you

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  • This Lady is a Fighter-A gift for all of you

    This Lady is a fighter

    Tear stained face.
    She prays she walks with Grace.
    At Times, it feels as if pain takes its place
    A pill to relieve the pain.
    She pushes on, even if she fears the days before her.
    This Lady is not a coward because she feels the emotions of the illness that has taken the life and body she knew from her.
    A reble she is not,
    To will a life
    stronger, wiser
    At peace with her body again.
    This Lady is a woman who has IC.
    To say that this illness has not taught her
    more than she bargained for would be untrue.
    This Lady has supassed more with this illness than she ever thought she could do.
    This Lady is a fighter,and she is just getting started to.



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    Hi Catamia,

    I posted to you on the other board as well. It is a lovely poem. It makes me happy and at the same time motivates me to overcome this disease with a vengence!!! Thank you for taking the time. You've made my day.

    Lots of love,
    Laura xox


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      This came to me at the right time. I am in the middle of fighting to stay on top of the IC which started hurting so much I jumped off the couch practically, couldn't lie down. Took the pain meds the doctor at the pain clinic gave me and I'm starting to feel better. And thank you for your poem. I have one for you too though it isn't about IC,
      Birds glide across the sky
      Wings dipped
      In molten sunlight
      (This was the last one I wrote lately). I am a fighter too
      If you keep a green bough in your heart
      the singing bird will come.


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        Songbird- Thank-you so much for sharing your thoughts. I am touched that you have responded so many times to this poem. This means alot to me. I have started a book about my IC experience. It starts out with over 20 doctors and at last count i believe at least 20 surgery's,30 in my life time. I started the book 4 years ago. I have doubts about it. I have always been told by others that i should write. Friends and loved ones say that I have the ability to allow others to see through my eyes when i write. To feel what I feel. And to Know and express what others feel. I might start again.
        Your thank-you blessed me. It was a joy to hear your poems. Send me more if you would.
        I would like that.