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How I get motivated !!!

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  • How I get motivated !!!

    I enjoy doing step arobics, but since being diagnose with I.C I have had to curb my jumping around .I have since started walking ,2 miles ,three to four times a week ,trying not to jar my body as I go. Does anybody have feed back on excercise?? How much ? What kind ?,And is walking O.K ? Excercise is what keeps me motivated!!I would just feel terrible if I had to give it up. Thanks for any input you can give me. Merrymay E.I.P hi

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    Walking does less harm to my IC than any other form of exercise. I make sure that I wear a well custioned shoe sole and avoid walking up and down steep hills. Getting outside in the sunshine helps with depression.

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      I can do regular aerobics. It is not as hard on my IC as step aerobics. I also like TAEBO. It involves a lot of kicking and punching but not jumping. :cool:



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        Hi Merrymay,

        When I was first diagnosed, I could hardly walk, let alone exercise, but now that I'm doing so much better, I use the eliptical machine at the gym, as well as jogging a couple of times per week. I also do some weights and do pilates almost every day.

        That's GREAT that you're keeping motivated!!! Keep it up, but always listen to your body. Let us know how you're doing!

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          Hi! I always used to work out then I got IC all exercise really bothered me. I eased back into exercising by getting some beginners yoga tapes and going for short walks to build my endurance back up.

          Now, 3 years later, I can do aerobics but I make sure to do warm-up exercises before and a little yoga afterwards to help relax my lower back and abdominal areas so that my bladder doesn't flare up.

          Sit-ups still flare up my IC though.

          Best of luck and remember to gradually build up your endurance, don't rush it.



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            Hey there. I myself too was not able to exercise anymore when I was dx...had trouble walking as well. Due to no activity and being on meds, I gained some not wanted weight. But now that I have hardly any trouble at all, I have started exercising everyday. With running on good days and walking on some of my kinda flare days. I also work out on a total fitness gym and lift weights and do crunches. Try walking a little at first...not over doing it or going too far and yes do listen to your body...if you start to hurt, stop and rest. But getting motivated takes time and patience but you will be able to do it and get back your exercising days. Were all here to support you too ! Remember to take your time and go little by little. Hope it all goes well and take care !

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              P.S. I have lost 10 pds as well.


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                Watch it or hubby will not recognize you when he gets home lmao lmao He will also not be able to keep his hands off you. Not really a bad thing, now that I think about it. wink ...Sharon

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