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Tips to survive holiday shopping and parties

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  • Tips to survive holiday shopping and parties

    Happy Holidays Everybody!

    I'm going to start this topic with a few ideas for getting through the holidays with less stress and then I invite all of you to post your own tips as well.

    1. Going out in the cold and facing the crowded shops at Christmas time can be brutal, so when possible I try to do my Christmas shoping from catalogs and through the Internet. That way the bathroom is close, I can stay warm and cozy too. Lots of websites and catalogs do have several items that are great, but don't cost much, plus sometimes you get a discount on shipping if you order a certain amount.

    2. Do you or your friends have a talent for making things? Making your own gifts is meaningful, again, it keeps you at home near the bathroom, and it can help you stay on a budget. One of my friends, Laurie, has a soap business. She works at home, but sells (and ships) her all natural soaps to all kinds of people and businesses. She makes this yummy soap that smells like chocolate, and one that smells like a sugar cookie. This year I'm giving all my friends soaps made by Laurie. It was a great and easy way to do some of my shopping. Laurie can be reached at: [email protected] Perhaps one of your friends makes things that you can order from them to give as gifts.

    3. Start holiday baking in advanced. Once baked, many pies and cookies can be stored in the freezor for up to 3 weeks. Instead of doing all your holiday baking in 2 days, try spreading such projects out over a few weeks. Then you won't wear yourself out, or stress yourself out.

    4. Intead of a big huge tree, try buying one of those smaller, already decorated trees that many places sell now. Or invite a few friends or family over to help you with the decorating.

    5. If you are having a holiday party, or have to cook a big Christmas dinner ask some of your friends/family to bring a covered dish. Also, try buying a few things (dips/cookies/bread...etc..) already made from the store to save yourself some work.

    I hope those tips help you out and I look forward to hearing all of your great tips too!

    Merry Christmas Everybody!

    ICN Veronica (Victoria)

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    Hi and thanks for posting, some good tips to help us out through the Christmas season, without tearing our hair out. I think the internet is great, we can order, be comfortable, and the whole situation is bathroom friendly. I am definitely going to put some of the tips to good use, thanks again and best christmas wishes to you, hugs Iris hi grouphug hat
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      Do you know of any web sites that offer free or low cost shipping? I tried to order some stuff yesterday and wound up cancelling the order when i found out how much the shipping was. Thanks, Tina C


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        Amazon has free shipping on book orders over $25. I don't know if it applies to non-book items, though. Seems like I heard once that Old Navy had free shipping over a certain amount, but it may have been a promotional thing.

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          Amazon is also toy's "r" us and I waited for free shipping. I did almost all of my shopping on line this year. There is no way with 5 kids w/spouses, 2 sets of parents and 11 grandchildren that I could physically shop.

          Great ideas Veronica I don't put up the big tree anymore. I've got 4 or 5 small ones setting in the kitchen and the livingroom. Funny thing about that was when I stopped putting up the big tree, not one person noticed it wasn't there lmao lmao My husband still has a problem with it but if he misses it so much, he can put the dang thing up and take it down....I just can't do it anymore.

          I did manage to do something that's been on my list of things to do for about 8 years now. I went thru ALL of my Christmas things and I pitched at least 1/2 of the stuff....boy, did that make me feel good to clean up that clutter blink blink

          Pretty soon it will be Dec 26 and none of this will matter wink
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            Hi! I think that Barnes and Nobles sometimes has free shipping if you order $25 or more worth of stuff.

   also has free standard shipping right minimum order!! That website has all types of kitchen gear/gadgets...

            Also, when catalogs come, sometimes they will say free shipping over a certain amount of dollars spent.

            Another thought...are there any stores in your area that deiliver? That might add some savings...or maybe you could make a list of items you want and then have a friend or relative go pick them up for your. You could even call a store, have them reserve and item for you, and then that way your friend could run in really fast and get it for you.

            The same could be done for holiday the grocery store and order breads, veggie trays...etc...and just run in and pick them up they day they are ready.

            Hope this helps!



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              KBee has free shipping if your order totals $75.00. Those toys add up real fast.



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       has shipping on all orders for 1.00 during specials and 2.95 the rest of the year.
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