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    Six year old Brady decided one Sunday
    morning to fix his parents pancakes.
    He found a big bowl and spoon, pulled
    a chair to the counter, opened the
    cupboard and pulled out the heavy
    flour cannister, spilling it on
    the floor.

    He scooped some of the flour into the
    bowl with his hands and mixed in most
    of a cup of milk. He added some sugar,
    leaving a floury trail on the floor,
    which by now had a few tracks left by
    his kitten. Brady was covered with
    flour and getting frustrated.

    Suddenly he saw his kitten licking from
    the mixing bowl. Reaching to push the
    kitten away, he knocked the egg carton
    to the floor. He tried frantically to
    clean up this monumental mess. Instead,
    he slipped on the eggs and got his pajamas
    all white and sticky. He looked up and
    found his Dad looking at him from the
    kitchen doorway. Big crocodile tears
    welled up in Bradys' eyes.

    All he had wanted to do was make
    something very good for his parents,
    but he had made a terrible mess. He
    was sure a scolding was coming, maybe
    even a spanking. But his father just
    watched him. Then, walking through
    the mess, the father picked up his
    crying son and hugged him, getting
    his own pajamas white and sticky
    in the process.

    That is how God deals with us. We try
    to do something good in life, but sometimes
    it turns into a real mess. Our marriage may
    get all sticky, we insult a friend, we can't
    stand our job or our health goes sour.
    Sometimes we just stand there in tears
    because we can't think of anything else
    to do. That is when God picks us up and
    loves and forgives us, even though some
    of our mess gets all over Him.

    But, just because we might mess up, we
    can't stop trying to "make pancakes,"
    for God or for others. Sooner or later
    we'll get it right and then we will be
    glad we tried.

    Sending healing wishes Cora

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    Thank you so much for sharing that story!!

    It reminds me of my daughter trying to make breakfast-in-bed for me when she was 3 (cereal, toast, and orange juice). This was during the Vietnam conflict and hubby was overseas. So it was just me and my daughter keeping the homefires burning.

    Early one morning she woke me and asked what kind of cereal I like then said, "Don't get up Mama. I'm gonna make you a surprise!"

    She did pretty well getting the cereal into the bowl (only half the box of cereal spilled over onto the counter. The milk bottle was far to heavy for her, so she dropped it. Of course after most of the milk poured out on the floor, the milk jug was just the right weight for her to handle. When she tried to get the juice out of the can, that plopped on the floor too. But she picked it up and dropped it into the pitcher of water. The orange juice was actually a pitcher of water with a big lump of frozen concentrate at the bottom. And since she wasn't allowed to use electric appliances unsupervised, she made "pretend toast" (buttered bread).

    She put it all on a tray and carried it to my bedroom. With tears in her eyes she said, "Mama, I wanted this to be a happy surprise, but I made a mess, 'cause I spilled everything." I gave her a big hug, we shared the breakfast and then cleaned the kitchen together. That was the BEST breakfast I EVER had!

    My daughter knew that no matter how hard she tried, nothing was working out right. But she didn't give up and brought me the best breakfast she could make.

    Thank you Lora for pulling that out of my memory vault. That, along with the story you posted gives me the motivation to "make pancakes" today! Maybe, in spite of my efforts, all I'll make is a mess. But it'll be MY mess and if nothing else comes of it, I'll know that I tried.

    Make this day a good one!

    With Love,
    "The beauty of the human mind over the body is that if you can't run, you can walk; if you can't walk, you can crawl; if you can't crawl - stay still and imagine getting there. ~ Johnnetta B. Cole ~"


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      Makes me think of the first time I tried to make Naan bread. Let's just say...glue and bricks!

      I'll stick to the cooking I know!

      Thanks for sharing!



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        Thank you soooo much.