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Going Viral..I hope

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  • Going Viral..I hope

    This is all over the IC Facebook page . It is so well written...Says so much in very few words. (No...I did not write it, but I did copy it to my status.) I wanted to post it here on the ICN in case some of you have not see it or are on other Facebook pages. This is perfect for IC Awareness Month.

    ~I have Interstitial Cystitis, but IC does NOT have me! I will be strong! I will make it through this! I will smile through the agonizing pain. I won't let this disease stop me from living and loving. October is IC Awareness Month and our color is blue. Everyday I hope for a cure! We're fighting together, and we'll continue to do so! ~

    Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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