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  • Yippee!

    I just got my approval letter to be on disability retirement through the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia. Of course, I had gotten another letter one day showing my estimated grossly income each month. OK. I was making around $515 every 2 weeks. (after deductions) Anyway, I was noticing it was estimated that I would make $515.77 every month.(instead of twice a month) Oh, yeah! That would be gross. Yep. I will still have insurance taken away. Oh! I will make something, but I may still sweat bullets every now and then. Hey! Any paycheck will beat what I get now.(none now) Also, I am still waiting to hear about SSD as well.

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    That's great!

    Stay safe

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      States, I'm glad you got some good news for once. I've only been on here once in a while lately. What's been going on with your leg weakness & all. Did they find out what is causing the weakness? Is it your spine? Can they fix it? Hope you have brighter days ahead!!


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        I don't come on the website as often, either. I did post some more under Forties Are Fabulous that you must not have viewed. (although you still don't have to) Also, I am going to copy and paste something that I had typed in a degenerative disc disease support group.(with some of it being fimiliar)(although it wasn't to the person that started the thread) Oh, yeah! He is 25 and living with degenerative disc disease and all the pain and suffering. (and I am 44 and younger than many with it)OK. I still got much love for you. Let me get it now. I decided I would respond now. I actually had major neck surgery back in March of last year. OK. I did have to wear the brace for 12 straights weeks. Also, I did not have a bunch of pain during post-op recovery. Regardless, I went back to work and started having pain all over again. I had been walking normal again. That even started to change if the pain got bad enough.(sometimes) I worked as a custodian over 15 straights years. Yep! I went back to neurosurgeon complaining of pain some more. He was saying surgery was a success; therefore, I should be doing better.(like I was a couple of weeks before) I know I decided to back track and type a chapter, but I finally got put on 4 hour shifts.(as I was the only one not working full shifts ) OK. I was not hurting as much at times; therefore, the neurosurgeon finally had me on 6 hour shifts.(which had to get approved first) Yep! All the reaching, standing, and bending that I had to do was not helping any. I finally got back to 8 hours.(only to be sent back to 4 again) OK. I have not worked since right after Thanksgiving because I started to have some falls.(which supervisor had witnessed one)(though I never get hurt) (and came home in tears sometimes) Regardless, I did have an MRI the week of Christmas that was showing DDD at the L4&5. By the way, I actually walk with a cane sometimes.(because of my legs being weak sometimes and not doing right and because I still fall sometimes)(possibly) I can just do a little bit of activity and feel like taking a nap.(which I seem to do often) Oh, yeah! I was actually told chronic fatigue a while back. I deal with interstitial cystitis as well. I am waiting to hear back on SSD.(with DDD as the main reason) Also, I am waiting to hear back about retirement disability through the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia. Yep. Oh! I have been to 1 neurosurgeon, 2 neurologist, 1 pain clinic doctor, and 1 orthopedist in 2011 so far. They all agree on what is shown on all the X-rays and MRI's, but all except the orthopedist acted like I should not fall with DDD. (or as in something else) OK. I know I don't have seizures because I did have that test done. Oh! I did wear a heart monitor for 3 weeks as well.(all good) I did have to go to balance training because of inner ear problem on left side. Maybe I have typed enough by now. I did hear that I, at 44 years of age, was around the age where it may start with some people. (and 25 for you) Anyway, I will let that be all now.


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          That's wonderful that you were approved!
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            States, I am pretty much caught up with everything going on with your back. Hope things keep getting better for you every week. I know it has been rough for you for awhile now. Again, good news about the disability retirement.


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              I had gotten a letter on Saturday stating that a check may be mailed as early as April 15.(as in Friday)(from Teachers Retirement System of Georgia) OK. It also stated the amount would include February and March as well. They are actually considering me to have been on disability retirement during those months even the approval letter came in April. By the way, the check did cover 3 months. (as in $515.77x3 (minus some) OK. I still don't feel like dancing and/or doing any cartwheels at all.


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                I am glad you finally got it, btw we really miss you here. I hope that your ssd comes rolling in soon. hugs dear, and hope you are feeling better.
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