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I’ve List My Pain Doctor What do I Do Now?

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  • I’ve List My Pain Doctor What do I Do Now?

    Hello My babe is Lusaka. I don’t post much here but think that’s bay be changing. Ice had IC for 10 years. Tuesday the DEA and FBI shut down my pain Dr for overprescribing medication. It was sudden and swift. I am on Percocet and Neurontin and Arthrotec and urogesic blue. I have a month left at my current dosage.its been well controlled. I was very fortunate.

    I saw my family doctor yesterday fir guidance and he talked to me like I was a junkie and says to cut down and maybe try rehab Taft I couldn’t possibly be in that much pain. I felt humiliated. I have tried cutting down today to one Jess and my body it off schedule. I am in horrible pain. I’m scared.

    I have a call in to a doctor 300 miles away and hope to hear something about getting in but I don’t hold out much hope. Anyway, thank you for listening.


    im sorry. That should say I lost my doctor. I am writing this in the dark.