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  • CBD really work?

    My PCP doc left and the new one won't give me pain medicine. Tried finding one that would and found just one but they were a snot. High and mighty acting and I refuse to kiss their butt. I am not an addict and I will not be treated like one. Been on pain medicine for 15 years and I did it right all those years. I do know you can't trust anyone but there are limits on what must be done to get those pills. Don't mind signing the paper and peeing in a cup but this PCP doctor has rules of their own so nope...sorry....I will go without. They all pushed marijuana on me. It's legal now in NY State. Think it is just sad how everyone is so concerned about the addicts but forgets about the people that medicine was made for. I say do away with every medicine for pain including Tylenol and EVERYONE has to deal with pain with nothing for it. I tried finding CBD but there are so many how do I pick the right one? No pharmacist could help me. Plus has anyone tried using it after going off pain meds and have it actually help?

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    First of all, I'd like to say to the IC Network.

    Try not to blame your doctor's office --- unfortunately, most states have strict regulations about prescribing pain medications --- and, unfortunately, we who have long term need for pain control are the ones who can end up suffering because of the addicts. In order to have less problems with pain management medications, I see a pain specialist --- they are in a specialty that allows them to prescribe pain medications over the long haul. I still have to have a new prescription every month and have to pee in a cup at regular intervals, but they are so nice in my pain doctor's office that it isn't too bad.

    I use hemp lotion for a neck problem, but am not familiar with any of the marijuana products that are ingested.

    Sending healing wishes,
    Stay safe

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      I just didn't hit it off with that one PCP doctor and my new PCP doc won't do the pain script but the thing for me is the pain management places won't accept me for Interstitial Cystitis. Don't have a clue why. Just told no. That's why my old PCP did the pain script for me and nothing near by within 50 miles for me to try and 50 miles would be to far for me to even try to get to pain management. I have been trying to get off of it over the years but always went back on due to pain and no sleeping and peeing hundreds of times. I always feel guilty about using it and have arguments with family about it. Which then I tell them to stop their medicine . If I have to they have to and it shuts them up. Used to take Algonot but I see there is none to be found now due to Covid but I am trying CystaQ but at $57 a month not sure I can afford it. I'm glad you have a good pain management place to find help. You're one of the lucky few.


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        Donna does your pain management have a rule when they call you MUST ...and I mean MUST....drop everything right then and there and go show them your bottle? If you don't you lose the pain medicine? That one doctor I found had that rule too which she made out that was a rule she made up on her own. I'm not doing that. I found this out by talking to someone who has a family member who is in assisted a wheel chair ..has no clue what is going on mentally and yet the pain management forced that family member to show up or lose it. They had to find a way to get that family member from the assisted living place to pain management because the assisted living place does not transport the people anywhere. If all you have to do is pee in a cup /sign a paper you are one of the few lucky ones left.